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Conservative groups in the US have launched a fierce attack against Budweiser, accusing the beer company of pushing trans indoctrination by using influencer Dylan Mulvaney in a marketing campaign.

Budweiser, a popular beer brand in the United States, is being criticised by right-wing and conservative groups for its latest marketing campaign. The beer company sent 26-year-old trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney cans of Bud Light for promotional purposes. Mulvaney used the cans in an Instagram video to advertise the beer, showcasing his so-called “achievement.”

In the video, Mulvaney reveals that the beer company sent the packs of Bud Light with the influencer’s face on them to celebrate one year of “girlhood” he recently reached. Mulvaney claims in the Instagram post, featuring “#budlightpartner,” that the cans are his “most prized possession.” A separate video also shows Mulvaney drinking Bud Light in a bathtub as part of the campaign.

The announcement sparked outrage among Twitter users, with many labeling the ad campaign as another attempt to push the toxic LGBT agenda. People have mocked Bud Light over the partnership, with some questioning if it was some April Fool’s joke. With a massive social media following of two million on Instagram and an astonishing eleven million on TikTok, Mulvaney is hardly the all-American, traditional choice for promoting beer.

The impassioned public expressed concern, with numerous individuals questioning Mulvaney’s claim to womanhood on social media. A spirited conservative podcaster, Liz Wheeler, raised a thought-provoking point in a tweet directed at Budweiser, asking why it wouldn’t send beer to a woman who’s given birth to five children, home-schools them, runs a business, and doesn’t have time for make-up and high heels. According to her, that’s what embodies a REAL woman, drawing a distinction from a man who adopts a feminine appearance with eyeshadow and cosmetic surgeries.

Joining the conversation, Republican congressional candidate Robby Starbuck expressed concern over the blurring of men and women in society, citing the widespread virus of “woke” culture.

The most attention-grabbing protest came from 52-year-old musician Kid Rock, who playfully states in a Twitter video, “Grandpa is feeling a little frisky today.” He then takes a machine gun and fires at three packs of Bud Light cans. The extraordinary video concludes with Kid Rock showing the middle finger to the camera, showcasing his disapproval of Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch, all while whimsically wishing viewers an enjoyable day.

The former deputy assistant to Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka, championed traditional values by posting a video on Twitter in which he boldly tosses a six-pack of Bud Light into the rubbish. He rallies others to join him and take a stand. Loyal Twitter users followed suit, pouring Bud Light cans down the drain or throwing entire cases away. Numerous social media users voiced strong anti-trans and anti-gay opinions in line with conservative views. A right-wing podcaster even declared, “Anyone who drinks Bud Light is gay.”

Dylan Mulvaney has become a leading figure in the transgender community in the US, spreading his dangerous and delusional ideology with the unwavering support of President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris. His scandalous assertion that he is a woman has gained traction amongst left-wing radicals, pushing their poisonous programme of “gender fluidity” onto the American people. Mulvaney’s rise to prominence is nothing short of alarming, as he uses his social media platform to spread his harmful propaganda to impressionable young people across the nation. It is a clear indication of the degenerate state of our society that such individuals are given a platform to promote their destructive beliefs.

Top executives have flagrantly appointed Mulvaney as a pseudo-female spokesperson for various fashion and consumer goods brands. This latest scheme was initiated to pander to a small and insignificant minority while ignoring the majority. It is an insult to the values that made America great. It is absolutely appalling that a man who has never experienced womanhood has been elevated to the position of a spokesperson for female products, including tampons. The whole idea is ludicrous and disrespectful to women. What message are they trying to send out to impressionable young women? That they should aspire to be men?

The Daily Mail divulged Mulvaney’s woeful love life, revealing that all his matches on the exclusive dating app Raya seem to have reservations and reject any romantic involvement before even going on a date. Mulvaney lamented that he had not yet experienced a kiss as a girl, which he had believed would happen before the 365th day. He added that each passing day makes it more apparent that it will probably not happen.

It comes as no surprise that Mulvaney’s relationship endeavours have been fruitless. Breitbart News reported in September 2019 that transgender men, attempting to masquerade as women, are met with sexual rejection by a staggering 71% of lesbians and 97.3% of men. The survey did not disclose whether these men had resorted to cosmetic surgery.

This survey on transgender rejection mirrors the results of a 2017 survey, which also illustrated that many Americans, while possibly sympathising with them, don’t necessarily want to be involved with transgender individuals. A mere 4% of regular heterosexual Americans expressed they would be “very open” to a relationship with a “transgender person,” and only a third would have the courage to disclose such a relationship to their parents.

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Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers
10 months ago

Great article. The whole Bud Light fiasco created quite a stir here in the U.S., althoguh “woke capital” does not seem to be afraid of financial back lash from conservative Whites, and I wonder why that is. It seems the only sane thing to do right now is to stop giving these woke corporations our money; we can do at least that much.

10 months ago

Both our political and corporate institutions openly glorify if not outright champion the perverse and mentally ill. Deranged basket cases now sit at the helm of economic and social power structures with many among the general populace having embraced their depraved lunacy as if it were holy writ. What the hell happened to our culture.

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