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Once the all-American brew beloved by sports fans, Budweiser faces a financial fiasco as its market value plummets by a whopping five billion dollars following a controversial partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

In a shocking turn of events, brewing giant Anheuser-Busch has experienced a jaw-dropping five-billion-dollar decline in market value in just a few short days. The rapid descent of the share price occurred following the contentious advertising partnership between Budweiser, an Anheuser-Busch subsidiary, and the controversial transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, as exposed by the British Daily Mail.

Only days prior, on 31 March, the company had reached its peak value for the year, standing at a massive 132 billion dollars. However, on 1 April, Mulvaney, a man who identifies as a woman, made waves on social media by sharing a video announcing his collaboration with the Bud Light brand. In the video, he proudly displayed a can of Bud Light featuring his image.

In the days that followed, Anheuser-Busch’s market value plummeted to a mere 127 billion dollars. As the share price dropped from 68 to 64 dollars, the company lost a staggering five billion dollars in stock market value, raising eyebrows and prompting questions about the wisdom of its advertising choices.

During a chat on funnywoman Rosie O’Donnell’s podcast, Mulvaney pondered the mounting opposition to his soaring success. ‘The reason I think I’m an easy target is because I’m still new to this. I think going after a trans woman who has been doing this for 20 years is a lot more difficult’, he said. ‘Maybe they think there’s some sort of chance with me that they can – but I mean, what is their goal?’

Mulvaney expressed disappointment at his words being twisted and used against him, finding it disheartening since he aims ‘to spread positivity’ while also using his videos to connect with those who struggle to understand him in an effort to bridge the comprehension gap. He added, ‘I will be a great girlfriend one day, I do want kids and that’s a very controversial statement to make as a trans person because we are so under fire as these like “groomer/predator” types.’

Budweiser, the go-to beer for sports enthusiasts, has long championed traditional athletic pursuits, proudly supporting teams like the Chicago Blackhawks and iconic events such as the Super Bowl while also being a major sponsor of the NFL. Bud’s commitment to sports-loving Americans has remained steadfast over the years.

The all-American brew was once a beacon of national pride. Its marketing strategies until 2011 featured patriotic symbols like the eagle and the red, white, and blue colour scheme – a clear nod to its loyal, flag-waving customers. However, this cherished image now finds itself under threat as the company faces a backlash for its recent controversial partnership.

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1 year ago

Mulvaney has done more for the parellel economy and exposing hypocrisy that a fleet of expose.
Yes, conservative, capitalist,consitutional whatevers, corporate America and the Republican Party hate us and there is no going back this time.
Bud Lite just had a Republican Midterm and their damage control is Crenshaw Cringe.
Mulvaney himself is apparently a ne’r do well child-Broadway actor but when drag became king his ship came in and he hit the jackot of cracked pots, a face to face with Joe Biden.
Mulvaney is an actor more than anything, with some unresolved Oedipal issues maybe.
But when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
This is the Mulvaney Reality SHow and he’ll be a millionaire before it’s over.
His act says more about his dowager female audience than him.
Whether he knows it or not (I think he does) he is the fool making a fool out of everybody around him especially the millioniare CEO Alissa Heinerscheid jet set who run America, some 22 million of them: Harvard, Wharton grads; this is the talent that $1/2 million per annum buys and don’t think Alissa did anything wrong.
It’s all because us scrubby peons just don’t get it.
Funny thing is, not even Donald Trump Jr can walk into it without getting hurt.
Talk about “toxic masculinity”? Dylan Mulvaney is a puddle of nerve agent and the idiots just keep walking right into it.
It’s Halarious!

Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers
1 year ago

Great article. I’m not sure if a $5 billion drop in share price will necessarily hurt Budweiser long term, but if more and more normal adult men feel insulted or morally revolted by Budweiser’s “in-your-face” trans. activism, then this may seriously hurt the company. Only time will tell.
I would love to see a follow up article on this issue three months from now, or maybe even something that tracked the fate of Budweiser.

Ultimately, we can be assured that Budweiser will issue no apology to its White working-class male consumer base.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jason Rogers
1 year ago
Reply to  Jason Rogers

Strangely, Budweiser seems to be claiming they hired this abomination as an influencer without knowing who he is or what he represents. How is that possible for a company who pays millions to its branding team to ensure “compliance” to its message?

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