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Barbaric Disciple explores the decline of religious feeling in the modern era and the need for a new warrior religion, urging Christians and Pagans to unite against their common enemy and create a shared sense of purpose.

RELIGIOUS FEELING as Christians and Pagans understand it is in deep decline in our time. Of course, not all religious feeling is in decline. Our enemies feel a deep religious feeling that motivates them to fight. Now it helps when all the power structures support this “fake and gay” religious feeling, which confronted with an opposing force – would likely crumble. Which is why the power structures are devoted to crushing our thumos with a particular zeal. Thumos is a Greek word and it means you see something wrong with the world and are driven to action to make it right. Our ancestors had thumos. America was built with thumos. An image which I put on my Twitter timeline often is the image of American men during the time of the Great Depression holding down a sheriff that had come to evict a woman from her home. Next to them was a sign that read: “This is exempt property from seizure. This is a widow’s homestead.”

The Puritan Christianity of our ancestors had that thumos. There are other examples of their practices, many of which were still around when I was growing up. Stopping to help someone broken down on the side of the road, for example. Now many might have their own opinions as to why these practices stopped. You can’t stop to help someone you don’t know; they might be a murderer. There’s no way you can stop the police from evicting someone today. And in this world, you may be right. The reason it worked in the past was the religious feeling and the understanding that we were a people, a tribe. A people not far removed from fighting Indians on the frontier.

We don’t have that same feeling today. We don’t feel like a people. The founding stock American feels hunted in his own country. Funnily enough with all the talk about how “diversity is our strength,” diversity broke these cultural practices of our ancestors. The person on the side of the street in need of help could not be an American by RACE and, as such, it was right to question stopping to help them out. This sounds bad to the naive American ears that have been indoctrinated from childhood to believe race is only skin color, judge someone on the content of their character, America is a melting pot, etc, etc. You see, this country was made by AMERICANS. It wasn’t founded by diversity, so when an American goes to school, he’s buying into the programming completely. And what does this programming do?

The programming makes the American feel isolated, alone. On the one hand, it teaches him he will succeed based on his merit and on the other, that his soul is evil because his ancestors might have owned slaves or were racist. He’s made to distrust his own innate instincts. Our instincts have come from thousands of years of figuring out how to survive and thrive in nature. They’re not something we should be letting our so called academic “experts” train out of our children. Almost all Americans buy into this programming whereas the millions of foreigners who have come into the United States in the last hundred years or so are fresh from their origin countries where they had a powerful understanding of how the world worked. They do not abandon their instincts upon landing in the New World and they are not wrong to do this. They rely on those instincts to make it in America. The problem is that our own people, Americans, are denying the instincts they know in the blood.

Now, that’s not to say a lot is working against the American. His own government is working against him. The law is made to hold him down. The religion that helped him conquer the New World has gave way to the same unnatural programming. It’s no wonder we don’t have religious feeling anymore. The void left behind by Christianity opened a backdoor to Pagan religious feelings to re-enter the fold. This created a lot of animosity between both Christians and Pagans, who spend the majority of their time quarreling with each other than the actual enemy.

All this leads me to an article Bronze Age Pervert wrote in 2019, called “Old and New Paganism.” In this article, BAP makes the argument that Christians and Pagans are more aligned than different and should be united against the real enemies. He also examines three forms of Neopaganism that appear in the modern day. One conclusion he comes to is that there will be no return to old pantheons, though he believes there will be some kind of return to Paganism itself. I believe this is true, not just for the old Pagan religions, but for Christianity as well. What comes next will be something new.

There is no going back, only through.

You have to move the will of the people your way – and they will not be convinced until you show them the SUPERIORITY of your way.

Our enemies have done their job well. As much as you want a better enemy than the army of the deformed before us now, you must pay respect to their predecessors who severed the thread of continuity between us and our ancestors. Once severed, there is no going back because almost no one remembers the religious or world feeling of our ancestors. Now certainly, a small minority understands the type of feeling our ancestors had, but none of them have the power to impose such a feeling on the whole. In fact, a good majority of this whole believes that feeling to be evil. The remnants of White Supremacy and racism. How do you plan on reaching them? As much as you want to cling to an aristocratic spirit of the Aryan warrior ancestors, we live in the age of democratic warfare, and in some way, you will have to be able to convince enough men to fight and die for your cause.

Pagans, for the most part, have felt the WORLD FEELING of their ancestors and they think by worshipping Wotan or Zeus, they’ll also be able to revive the religious feelings too, but this has yet to be the case. In a way, the Christian victory over Paganism did destroy any hope of returning to these Old Gods. Their God was stronger. Now we are in a time where the Christian God has been made humbled by something we don’t quite understand. To understand why this is so, it helps to understand the Pagan point of view. When Christianity was first being imposed on Germanic tribes, the Pagans had to be convinced that the Christian God and his religion were superior. In the instances when the Christian priests couldn’t do this, the Pagans returned to their old religions. For example, a priest tells a Pagan farmer by praying to God he will get better harvest, but when this doesn’t turn out to be true, he goes back to praying to his old God.

You have to move the will of the people your way – and they will not be convinced until you show them the SUPERIORITY of your way. If you cannot do this, you’ll convert no one. To move from religious feeling to world feeling, during the Second Punic War, man-of-power Hannibal came across the Alps with a fifty-thousand-man army and war elephants, much to the sheer horror and shock of the Romans. Such an act had never been done before. After beating the Roman legions a couple of times, the Roman allies turned against Rome and joined Hannibal. What the hell? Where is the loyalty? You must not be naive.

They were not Roman. They have an interest, as all peoples do, in surviving. Hell, maybe the Romans treated them unfairly and this was their chance to break free. They were oppressed like the American blacks, right? Ten years later, when Rome turned the tables on Hannibal and the Carthaginians, the allies that had abandoned Rome, suddenly changed sides again. Now with the sort of leftist energy permeating in society today, you’d want the Romans to show these traitors the sword, but no, they took them all back as allies. Again, what the hell?

You must understand how little public education prepares sensitive youths for the world. Let’s relate all this to something more easily understood in modern society: sportsball. If you watch football, you’ll know what a bandwagon fan is. A team is having a phenomenal season and all of a sudden, all these random fans, whom you didn’t even know liked sportsball, start coming out of the woodworks. Hell, some people might even abandon their old teams to hop on the bandwagon. Everyone likes a winner. They want to be associated with WINNERS.

This is what you must understand about the world. If you can string together VICTORIES against your enemies, people you previously thought hated you OR you didn’t want anything to do with will suddenly start flocking to your side because they see you as, if not outright superior, a contender for the throne. And you can’t take it personally. Holding grudges is a slave mentality. You have to win in stride and use your new allies to the best collective advantage against your enemies. Now I’ve gotten off track from talking about religious feeling, but, ultimately, what’s been said is vital to understanding how Paganism or Christianity will return.

Christianity, until now, has held a solid monopoly over words such as God and RELIGION.

When you refer to God or religion, the only thing that pops in the modern mind is Christianity. Now, Pagans have been trying hard recently to change this, but it’s all – thus far – been in vain. No one wants to join some hokey cult that goes to shout at Wotan in the woods. They want to join up with WINNERS. The Christian and Pagan infighting is a series of squabbles where no one wins because neither group is the actual enemy and power holder. We all know WHO the true enemy is. Christian and Pagan infighting is really just jockeying for position in a natural hierarchy or pecking order where our enemies remain, safely, on top. Rather, what’s necessary is making attacks against the enemy and stringing together victories. To do this, you must re-examine the meaning of RELIGION.

“Every soul has religion, which is only another word for its existence. All living forms in which it expresses itself – all arts, doctrines, customs, all metaphysical and mathematical form worlds, all ornament, every column and verse and idea – are ultimately religious, and must be so.” – Oswald Spengler

When you think of religion, I don’t want you to think about Christianity. Think of what Oswald Spengler says about religion. Religion is more than who you worship, it’s how you live, it’s existence itself. How you exist in this world. Your religion is the complete makeup of your arts, culture, doctrines, rites, everything. How you live, right now today, is your religion, regardless of what you believe or who you pray to. If you want RELIGIOUS FEELING, you have to start here with how you live.

We’ve been born into a war our parents and grandparents lost before we were even born.

As I said at the beginning of this essay, we are a people severed from the thread of continuity. This means the door is wide open for a new religious feeling, Christian or Pagan, but in order for a new religious feeling to take hold, you have to start winning against the top dog, the king of the mountain. There is no going back to the way things were; you can only go forward, and the religious feeling must reflect the way we understand the world now while simultaneously triumphing over the current dominate religious feeling of our enemies. When I say that Christians and Pagans have more in common than differences and that you should be united against the real enemy, what I mean is that you have to look at religion in the way Spengler sees religion. Christian or Pagan, you’re American or European. Americans and Europeans share Western cultural origins. We both look back to Ancient Greece and Rome as points of origin.

We don’t look back necessarily to how they worshipped. Hell, most of the rites are lost to history. We remember what they did. Their UNDYING FAME. We remember the mark they left on the world. Almost every country since the fall of Rome has aimed to make their country the next Rome. We remember the Greek heroes like Heracles and Achilles as exemplars to aim for. Zeus existed; Heracles existed; Achilles existed. We remember them still today for the mark they left on the world. We will NOT exist until we leave a similar mark on the world.

And it’s not just the Pagan Greeks and Romans, Christianity has made its own mark on the world. The one constant is the BLOOD. The thread of continuity was severed, but that doesn’t mean new threads can’t be made that HONOR where we’ve come from. Our lands have been invaded by foreigners looking to make their own fortunes. They have their own threads and histories and it’s natural for them to hate what we honor. This is the way of the world; we’ve only been naively persuaded that it doesn’t exist anymore. We’ve been born into a war our parents and grandparents lost before we were even born.

On this point, I will say that I believe in natural law. That natural law can also be said to be the WAY OF GOD. That the strong should rule by right. Their MIGHT makes right. This has always been true, whether Pagan, Christian, or leftist has ruled. Now this doesn’t always resemble the world of tooth and claw as described by one Ragnar Redbeard, but this is the way of the world. What holds our people down is a belief, right or wrong, that if you stand up, you will be crushed by the power structure. Beyond this belief, regardless of its merits, is a vital need for a new WARRIOR RELIGION for a people. A new religious feeling that will get people to fight and win for what they believe to be right. Whether this new religious feeling is Christian or Pagan is besides the point; it must first prove its superiority to our enemy’s belief structure, which rests safety on top of the food chain.

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Barbaric Disciple is devoted to the Resavaging of Man, the Pursuit of the Great Work, and lighting the Fire in Men’s Souls. He is a Warrior Religion Activist. You can subscribe to his substack at

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Twin Ruler
Twin Ruler
11 months ago

Perhaps, just perhaps, Whites are too Civilized– or too decadent– to fight back anyway.

Twin Ruler
Twin Ruler
11 months ago

I hope so!

Twin Ruler
Twin Ruler
11 months ago

Those in favor of immigration, from the Third World, are the true racists of American society. They simply want cheap wage slaves. They are not, in fact, all that different than those cursed Slave Traders who brought Blacks, as Slaves, to North America.

And to think, they want those with reasonable desires for restrictions on immigration, from the Third World, are somehow the bigoted ones. Makes me sick to my stomach to even ponder it. Of course, even though factories, where Third World peoples would supposedly work, are sent overseas to The People’s Republic of China, Third World immigrants continue to be sucked in.

The sheer hypocrisy! Besides, America is no “Nation of Immigrants”! The very term is such an oxymoronic term, as to be almost absurd.

Twin Ruler
Twin Ruler
11 months ago

That, of course, is a most interesting point. After all, Zionism is merely the Jewish equivalent of Nazism. That is all it is, and all it ever will be. Most do not seem to realize even that much.

11 months ago

America has always been “A Land of Immigrants” in the ruling classes importing cheap labor: indentured Europeans: African slaves: ante-bellum Geramn-Irish:post Civil War Italian and Chinese and border Mexicans.. There have always been “nativists” who objected, like the “Know Nothings”, but “capitalists” always won, even using Fedeal troops.It’s a strength for emploers, but not for workers.

The Gods once determined the victor in “trial by combat”, the one thing that could end endless squabbles. Mass armies and tehcnology rendered this into perneial blood feuds over generations and “the victor writes the history”.

We know it all, now. The Gods are gone because there is no mystery anymore. We can explain everything for which we once supplicated the Gods. We’ve become cynics.

But, in fact, listen to enough pundits on any thing from Tucker Carlson to the War in Ukraine, and you realize that we don’t know where anyof this going. The pundits know, but they don’t agree. The Oracle at Delphi was on her own and knew how to be delphic.

I don’t think it was an act. The Vestal Virgns understood mystery. They sacrificed. Celibacy and poverty detached them from this world. So did the Catholic CHurch, upon atime. Protestants knew the Papacy was corrupt, and lost the mystery.No one sarifices anymore. They all make quite good livings at it! Ivy Leagues dare not fail anyone who can pay.But it’s morelikley to find teh right answer from a podcaster than major media.

We aren’t going back technically. Science can’t be unlearned and there is no reason to. But a new religionis in the offing and it is going to find the msytery in the stars even if they are no longer the heads of the serpents guarding the Bed of VIshnu. There is still mystery in the Rainbow, because it does still connect different worlds. This is the season Persephone returns and her pheremones are still sweet perfume.

Twin Ruler
Twin Ruler
11 months ago

That is an interesting point!

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