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Guillaume Faye argues that ideologies should be judged by their effectiveness rather than moral criteria and that ethnic homogeneity is necessary for civil peace, warning of the danger of Islam’s inherent desire for conquest.

This is an excerpt from Ethnic Apocalypse by Guillaume Faye (Arktos 2019).

  1. What an ideology states and professes must not be judged in accordance with a moral criterion (‘Is it right or wrong?’), but rather with the experimental criterion of effectiveness (‘Is it functional or not?’).
  2. Regardless of whether they bear any connection to religion or not, most ideologies fail due to their methodology, since they move from theory to practice, whereas one should proceed from practice to theory.
  3. Judeocentrism is a hollow obsession, whose causes, meaning and goals cannot be clearly defined. There are some who will claim that the reason I say this lies in my fear of the Jewish lobby, but I am not afraid of anything and am going to die soon. Over the years, I have come to understand that the anti-Semitic reduction of all our current problems to the Jewish question is the most striking form of contemporary conspiracy theories.
  4. One never fights against a mere religion, ideology or doctrine: instead, what one battles is, above all, a group of men whose gathering acts as the collective embodiment of such a state of mind.
  5. Ethnic homogeneity is the condition for civil peace and prosperity to prevail. As rightly noted by Aristotle, the peaceful and economically viable coexistence of ethnically different populations (cultures and origins) on a single territory is generally impossible. Most of the time, it leads to incessant conflicts, followed by a civil war during which the invaders attempt to replace the natives.
  6. In any society or country, it is only a very small allogeneic minority that can successfully integrate through imitation and the renunciation of its original identity. Beyond a given numerical threshold (more than 2% of the population, generally speaking), one is guaranteed to face disorders and conflicts, with the inevitable and gradual creation of ghettos, as each group of people seeks to gather among their own. Assimilation and integration are impossible when it comes to two different cultures, especially when a strong racial ingredient is added to pickle the mixture.
  7. Because of its very nature, its spreading of humiliation, its relentless aggressiveness, its inherent desire for both conquest and vengeance, its horrendous barbarities, etc., Islam, which has gone hand in hand with the massive immigration we have experienced over the past four decades, acts as the almost certain trigger of a coming civil war.
  8. Under the direction of the Arabs (an excessively sanguinary people), the goal of Islam has, for fourteen long centuries now, lain in the conquest of Europe, whether through violence or not. They also feel the need to take revenge for the shame of having been driven out of our continent on two separate occasions and the humiliation of colonisation. As if under a spell, they will simply never cease to blame us. The Muslim countries of the Gulf, as well as Algeria and Turkey, are all discreetly involved in this conquest venture.
  9. Just like any situation where one is faced with a water leak, the solution to our current political situation cannot be found in the approximate and temporary plugging of the leak itself. What we must do, instead, is stop the inpouring before sponging it away and draining it all out.
  10. In the medium and long term, what is essential for any nation, especially if it has had the imprudence to admit immigrants, is to provide itself with an indigenous population of generational renewal.

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IArcheofuturism (Limited Edition)
Racial Civil War (Limited Edition)

Translated by Roger Adwan

Dr. Guillaume Faye

Guillaume Faye, born in 1949, obtained a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Institut d'etudes politiques de Paris. He was a principal organizer of the French New Right group GRECE in the 1970s and 80s, while also pursuing a career in journalism for magazines such as Figaro and Paris-Match. After leaving GRECE in 1986, Faye worked as a broadcaster for Skyrock radio and France 2 TV's Telematin program. He returned to political philosophy in 1998, publishing Archeofuturism, and went on to produce several challenging books. Faye passed away in 2019.

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1 year ago

We need Faye now more than ever!

1 year ago

I agree generally with Faye here. Although there are some European Sufis who seem to do a good job of remaining loyal to the nation in addition to their religious views. Probably this is the exception that proves the rule.

David Westerlund
1 year ago

This article circulated on the 78th anniversary of the GR8st leader on “…ethnic homogeneity…”, Adolf Hitler is a disappointment in not mentioning him. If the controlled MSM didn’t lie, the world would be a better place to live today because of him.

I’m 88 y.o. and have yet to meet a Muslim I dislike. In Indonesia about 45 years ago, Muslim “terrorists” helped me escape a week of kidnapping by Bechtel Corp. I’m a USA born Swedish National Socialist. Muslims know more about our MSM/Federal Reserve/ USA controllers than most Americans. That is OUR PROBLEM!

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