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Constantin von Hoffmeister and Alexander Wolfheze engage in a discussion about Guillaume Faye, Alexander Dugin, H. P. Lovecraft, Julius Evola, ancestral deeds and fates, and the looming prospects of salvation or apocalypse.

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Rose Sybil
24 days ago

Very much agree with you, Faye, and Dugin that nothing is guaranteed and the worst possible thing people can do is take an acted upon mindset or predeterminism because it creates complacency. The collective actions, self actualization, and coming together to create something better is the only way to come into a new age. Evola was interesting and inspiring man but I disagree with many of his positions too and riding the tiger is one of them. We need collisionism not just accelerating our own downfall. People need to make the sacrifice and act in faith to actually create a new age since we are co-creators of reality.

22 days ago

Constantin’s family history was a highlight here. It needs to be made into a movie!

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