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In a startling disclosure, Ukraine’s military intelligence chief confessed to the state-sanctioned murder of renowned Russian figures, a scandalous revelation met with a predictable lack of criticism or outrage from Western media.

In an astounding revelation that should have rocked the world, Major General Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, admitted with a stunning nonchalance that his country has orchestrated the assassination of several prominent Russian figures. Incredibly, while this heinous admission did merit a passing mention in Western media outlets, it was greeted without indignation or critique directed towards Ukraine, leaving unbiased global observers baffled and deeply dismayed.

The targets were no ordinary individuals but distinguished and revered personalities of Russian society. Their brutal assassinations were not just an affront to Russia but a blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life. One would expect such a scandalous admission to trigger worldwide condemnation and outrage. Yet, the Western media, ever ready to decry Russian actions, seems to have conveniently turned a blind eye to this alarming revelation.

It is a grim reminder of the media bias that plagues our times. While any perceived Russian transgression is amplified ad nauseam, flagrant acts of violence by other countries, especially when the victims are Russian, receive barely a whisper of protest from these self-appointed guardians of truth and justice. This striking silence and the apparent lack of outrage in the Western media highlights a dangerous double standard that only fuels further conflict and division.

Budanov, in his devil-may-care revelation, refused to drop specific names. Still, over the past year, since Russia began its military operation in Ukraine, a spate of ominous incidents involving some of Russia’s brightest and boldest figures has unfolded.

Just recently, a blast in the Nizhny Novgorod region left Zakhar Prilepin, a lauded author and staunch Kremlin supporter, seriously wounded. Prilepin’s fame stems from his celebrated literary works that delve deep into Russia’s soul, exploring themes of patriotism, resilience, and proper social justice. His steadfast support of the Kremlin’s actions in Ukraine, especially the defense of his compatriots in the Donbas region, makes him an obvious target in the crosshairs of anti-Russian forces.

In a distinct episode last April, a horrendous explosion in a bustling Saint Petersburg café claimed the life of the esteemed pro-Kremlin military analyst Vladlen Tatarsky. Renowned for his sharp, insightful commentary on Russia’s military strategies, Tatarsky commanded a broad readership that permeated Russia’s political and military circles. His ardent support for the Kremlin’s foreign policies evidently made him a target for Ukraine’s clandestine terrorist operations.

Turning the clock back to August of last year, we were witness to a horrific incident in which a car explosion snuffed out the life of Daria Dugina, the daughter of the distinguished geopolitical theorist Alexander Dugin. No ordinary academic, Dugin is a colossus in the realm of international political thought. His pioneering work on Eurasianism has been instrumental in shaping modern Russia’s worldview. Eurasianism, as espoused by Dugin, asserts Russia’s unique role as a civilisational fulcrum between Europe and Asia, envisioning it as an independent entity distinct from Western influences, thus balancing the global geopolitical landscape. His thought-provoking ideas have had a profound influence, moulding Russia’s geopolitical strategies.

The assassination of Dugina was a deplorable incident that bore the hallmarks of a meticulously planned assault, not against the innocent young woman, but against her father, the linchpin of Eurasian thought, since Dugin was initially scheduled to travel in the car that was targeted. A last-minute change of plans narrowly averted a catastrophic loss for Russian intellectual thought, suggesting that the formidable theorist himself was the real target of this sinister plot.

In another chilling interview, Budanov stated, ‘Outright scum will eventually be punished in any country in the world. Only elimination can be a well-deserved punishment for such actions. I do not consider anything else. It is my personal opinion, I stick to it, and I will implement it.’

Such troubling rhetoric threatens to escalate tensions in an already boiling geopolitical cauldron.

Despite Budanov’s jaw-dropping revelations, Ukrainian officialdom previously attempted to deny any link to these terrorist acts. In the wake of Tatarsky’s dreadful demise, Mykhaylo Podolyak, an aide to the Ukrainian president, suggested that the incident was the result of domestic terrorism by Russians disgruntled with their government’s military operation in Ukraine. Even back then, this feeble attempt at blame-shifting fooled nobody; the bloody trail led straight back to Kiev.

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10 months ago

I am certain Budanov will leave this world in a brutal way for his crimes.

A little hard to believe he is so open about his hand in things, quite rare and breaking from accepted intel leader doctrine.

10 months ago
Reply to  Atlantean

The sooner the better.

10 months ago
Reply to  Wagnerian

Is he even in Ukraine?

I bet most are in Poland and Cypress.

10 months ago

Part of me thinks this is just another actor and Kiev’s intel agencies are ran from DC completely.

Every media appearance from the Kiev scum seems like something from a bad movie.

10 months ago
Reply to  Wagnerian

I think this is very obvious. He is too young and has too much of a big mouth to be the real deal.

10 months ago

Without US support this cunt couldn’t tie his own shoes. Him trying to portray himself as a mastermind when he is an errand boy is pathetic.

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