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P R Reddall explores the intertwined realms of science and religion, delving into music, quantum physics, and the paranormal to illuminate the transformative potential of these domains.

A talented musician blends together science and religion. The science is music theory, based on mathematics, which ensures the songs sound right to the ear; the religion is the creative aspect of man which flows from the gods. Music can be broken down into black notes marked upon a white page, but the creative artistry of the musician holds the ability to alter a listener’s emotional state, to aid the growth of plants, to destroy physical objects with the frequency of sound and to heal the sick.

… quantum physics is the study of subatomic particles where the rules of ‘apple falling on a head’ physics do not always apply.

Thus we have in music something that is both scientific and religious (providing the reader allows me to use the word ‘religion’ in this manner).

In modern times, it seems to be fashionable for the followers of science and religion to be in opposition to one another, but this is ridiculous. I do of course understand why this is, in an era when scientific psy-ops abound and religious denominations often promote their views rather poorly.

Many years ago I read the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot (1991), which explained the latest frontiers of physics, the paranormal abilities of the mind and the unsolved riddles of brain and body. Loved by many and described as pseudoscience by others, the book dealt with the strange world of quantum physics. In a nutshell, quantum physics is the study of subatomic particles where the rules of ‘apple falling on a head’ physics do not always apply.

It was a fascinating book and opened my mind to the idea of all existence being interconnected.

My journey of discovery had started long before that, however. As a young child, I’d always enjoyed being in nature and I held ideas which I couldn’t properly explain. Some time later in my early twenties, I discovered Odinism and found that, on the one hand, the gods could be considered simply as folk heroes or archetypes, yet, on the other hand, one could go deeper and consider them as creative forces which permeated the multiverse.

One finds that on a journey of discovery things appear just at the time they are required to make another leap forward in understanding. The interlinked nature of things can be very apparent at times. For example, my children and I enjoyed watching the television series Stranger Things, for the 80s nostalgia on my part, but mostly for the dark plot of this fun, scary, quirky sci-fi. The series revolves around a paranormal experiment run by a Dr. Martin Brenner (played by Matthew Modine) and an opening into the ‘upside down’ — a world similar to our own but inhabited by dark forces and Dungeons and Dragons-esque monsters.

Soon after watching the last episode, I happened to pick up a book I’d been given some years before, Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse, about the paranormal espionage programme run by the CIA. Upon reading the introduction, I saw parallels with the character of Dr. Martin Brenner in Stranger Things and the author of the book Psychic Warrior. I looked on the internet for a recent picture of David Morehouse and found him to look very much like the character of Dr. Brenner. Go and search them up for yourself and see if you agree.

I have always said that science fiction and reality are closely intertwined. The notion of reality, however, is subjective to one’s understanding of who, what and where we are.

In Psychic Warrior, David Morehouse was recruited as a psychic spy for STARGATE and trained to become a remote viewer. It is a true story, although the idea of remote viewing through both space and time will certainly be thought of as science fiction by most, yet when one understands quantum reality and the idea of the holographic universe, things become much clearer.

We don’t have to all jump in bed together with a joyous ‘Hurrah!’ but deciding on which enemy to expend one’s energy on is of utmost importance during this Wolf Age.

In Odinism, we have something called Wyrd. This is a web of threads, spun by the three Norns of past, present and future. The threads interconnect all things and our ideas and actions vibrate these threads.

A simple example of how this might work in physical terms would be if an activist were to write a letter to a local newspaper. The idea is formed, the action takes place and the shaking of the web occurs as others read and possibly act upon the content of that letter.

The relationship between religion and science is, therefore, much less complex than some may think. Indeed, they are simply different ways to explain phenomena. So providing the science isn’t a bought-and-paid-for psy-op and the religious view is fundamentally sound (i.e. genuinely trying to explain the nature of things), then it would be wise to see where our folk can agree on such things. We don’t have to all jump in bed together with a joyous ‘Hurrah!’ but deciding on which enemy to expend one’s energy on is of utmost importance during this Wolf Age.

In conclusion, understanding the idea of Wyrd’s Web is highly empowering to the activist. One’s actions reverberate through the cosmos, as do one’s words. But both actions and words are (usually) preceded by conscious thought, and therefore we must consider the way we think, be mindful of the thoughts that enter our head and be cautious of the thoughts we identify with.

With the correct approach, we can go through a spiritual transformation and in this way positively impact the world around us, bringing the New Awakening ever closer.

Onwards to a Golden Age!

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The Path of Cinnabar
P R Reddall

P R Reddall grew up in the industrial midlands, but a love of the countryside saw him move to a small village in the west of England where he presently lives with his wife, three children and dog. Always pagan in his views, he came upon the faith of Odinism in his late teens. It appealed to his sense of natural order and offered a logical folkish lineage to gods and ancestors. He leads a small Odinist hearth, enjoys hikes in the mountains, lifting weights, riding his motorcycle and playing the guitar.

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3 months ago

I’d add the Traditionalist author Alain Daniélou’s book, “Music and the Power of Sound: The Influence of Tuning and Interval on Consciousness” to this conversation. Great to see the Project Stargate psychic warriors mentioned in this article!

Philip Reddall
Philip Reddall
2 months ago
Reply to  Atlantean

Excellent. Thank you Atlantean.

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