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Alexander Markovics criticises Andrew Tate’s heavy-handed approach to masculinity.

Following his appearance on the popular US TV host Tucker Carlson’s show, he has become the talk of the town. We’re referring to Andrew Tate, a kickboxer turned entrepreneur. With over 91.7 million views on Twitter as of 17th July, this has become the most-watched interview in history. But what is it about him and his views that draws such attention, especially from young men in the MAGA and Alt-Right movements?

The son of an African-American father and a British mother, Tate has stirred controversy with his critique of feminism. Like a broken clock that’s right twice a day, he rightly condemns the denigration of men in our feminist society and the absence of authentic masculinity. However, his proposed solution only exacerbates the problem, infuriatingly so: in seminars he hosts with his brother Tristan, Tate encourages young men to seduce and deflower women from troubled, fatherless backgrounds, only to then discard them. In his worldview, women are reduced to mere objects that men can use as they please, failing to point out that this very attitude fuels the feminist cause.

Additionally, Tate champions a materialistic lifestyle, proudly labelling himself a ‘pimp’. True to that moniker, the influencer, based in Romania, earns a living from a self-established gambling and red-light empire that relies on the forced prostitution of young women. The Romanian authorities have taken note of this: in June 2023, Tate, along with his brother and two accomplices, was charged with rape, human trafficking, and forming a criminal organisation.

Traditional male virtues like wisdom, chivalry, and strength rooted in discipline and chastity are clearly alien to him, as is respectful and honourable treatment of women. Just as today’s feminism demonises everything male and reduces men to mere playthings and ATMs, the men’s rights movement represented by Tate is rooted in a pathological hatred for all things female, only permitting women to be submissive and not equals.

Ultimately, the gender warfare of liberalism is only intensified. Advocates of this worldview often overlook that strong men are continuously made possible by strong women by their side, just as stable families require both a father and a mother. There’s also an inherently diabolical logic in Tate’s pimp ideology: anyone actively seeking to violate innocence and chastity and destroy traditional femininity has clearly lost any moral compass. The traction Tate is gaining among young right-wingers is evidence that our youth are most lacking in one thing: positive male leadership.

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Racial Civil War
The Path of Cinnabar
Alexander Markovics

Born in 1991 in Vienna, Alexander Markovics is a historian, journalist, and translator who follows the New Right, Fourth Political Theory, and Neo-Eurasianism. Alexander is the editor-in-chief of the German magazine Agora Europa which follows the real right. He has a BA in History and was the founder, first chairman and spokesperson of the Identitarian Movement in Austria from 2012 to 2017.

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Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers
1 month ago

excellent article. Tate can never be a model for our young men, let alone something encouraging to our young women. He’s a self-absorbed, hedonistic pimp whose actions and exploitation of women will always be condemned in the nationalist Right.

And I was glad to see Arktos say something on this. Some women are wondering where we stand, given that some conservatives personalities appear ambivalent about Tate.

We on the nationalist Right must make clear as crystal that the exploitation of our women will always be condemned and those who encourage it, rationalize it, and profit from it eventually will be targeted as enemies.

Tate has nothing to offer young men but more hedonism, which leads to misery and depression. We want our men to form meaningful marriages, to create families, to cherish their women as the cradles of civilization; not to despise them.

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