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In this premiere episode of her new series with Arktos, Gifts examines the current state of Western civilization and its people, exploring how modern liberalism and woke narratives aim to demoralize, control, and erase Western ethnocultural identity.

The Arktos Restoration Initiative

We have handpicked thirty distinguished titles, previously lost to censorship, befitting any refined bookshelf. These esteemed classics are now offered in limited leather-bound editions, with a mere 100 copies per title. Owning one not only grants you a collector’s item but also supports our mission to restore them in paperback for all.

We will sequentially reveal three titles. After each pre-sale set concludes, we will move to the next trio. As each set is claimed, we will ship these treasures, while also making paperback versions available in our online store.

Your contribution aids the metapolitical battle, ensuring that vital ideas and concepts remain accessible to an ever-expanding audience.

Racial Civil War

Making Anti-Globalism Global Since 2009.

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Patrick O'Ryan
Patrick O'Ryan
5 months ago

Fantastic videography that enhances a brilliant synopsis on the devolution of the collective West. Bravo, Gifts!

Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers
4 months ago

Gifts is absolutely correct that we cannot – and should not – dismiss culture as something that belongs to the Left. I saw this also with Christians who were content to “walk off the field” in various areas and sectors; and we only lost ground because of it.

We’re just now starting to see an uptick in our peoples’ participation in the arts and culture. No black pill is needed; we need only to push ahead and continue building.

I look forward to more podcasts from Gifts!

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