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The Wolf’s Milk – Part 1

The culture of the soil is worked best upon the level field, in conditions that are homogeneous and consistent, and by methods that, while differing from crop to crop, do not vary from plant to plant within each individual crop.…

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Culture, Ritual and Sacrifice – Part 2

Everything we have said presupposes that culture in today’s anti-culture modernity is readily understood in any kind of robust fashion. But what exactly is culture? Or, more to the point, how do we understand the manifestation of culture in any…

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Culture, Sacrifice and Ritual – Part 1

Metaphysics is the framework from which one’s self understands reality and one’s place within this reality. It is fundamentally a conscious reflection of one’s unified being, passed through the lens of one’s specific genetic and environmental legacy. A robust metaphysics,…

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Whither Europe? – Part 2

Fragment and Future Many are the arguments brought against a ‘Europe of Nations’, particularly one devoid of any overarching, consolidated federalist government, and not all of these arguments can, or should, be easily dismissed. We limit ourselves to those few…

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Art School – The Fantastic Joke

One of the most disastrous inroads the baby boomers made into Western societal foundations was the slow but totalitarian infiltration of education. It is now completely dumbed-down and restructured around leftist principles of self-destruction – and not just in terms…

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Cultura Animae

In the struggle which presently engages us, and upon which our very future rides, it is imperative that we keep stern vigil over our tongues – how we use our language, and, perhaps more to the point, how it uses…

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