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The PiS ‘cash for visas’ scandal will prove damaging for the party, while likely giving a further boost to the ascendant Konfederacja.

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Donald Tusk led a large rally on Sunday 1 October in Warsaw, ‘The March of a Million Hearts’, in the hope that his party, PO, will gain momentum ahead of Poland’s general election two weeks from now on October 15.

Polls have shown PiS still hold a lead over PO, but by a slimmer margin. It now seems possible that should PiS fall short of the votes needed to gain a commanding majority, they will need to form a coalition with a smaller party. One of the most obvious choices is Konfederacja, who have steadily gained support, particularly with younger voters.

One reason for this seems likely to be PiS’s dismal failure on immigration. We began Watching Poland as a reaction to the alarming data showing that in recent years the governing party, which makes so much of its tough stance on immigration, has in fact granted more visas to third worlders than any Polish government in history. The demographic change resulting from the hundreds of thousands of new arrivals is evident in most major Polish cities, especially the capital. The shocking part is that, as we covered in previous articles, this was all done on the quiet. No announcements, no publicity and certainly no public consultation. All the while PiS continued to portray themselves as protecting Poland’s borders, focusing nearly exclusively on illegal immigration via the border with Belarus.

Things would become more shocking still. Last month, it was found that up to 350,000 visas were issued by the government for financial bribes — specifically, payments in the region of 5,000 USD per visa. Recipients were largely from Asia and Africa. These ‘visas for sale’ were openly advertised on social media platforms such as Tik-Tok. Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Piotr Wawrzyk was fired following the allegations, and seven non-state officials were arrested in connection with the scandal. PiS subsequently cancelled its contracts with private companies for visa processing and fired the head of its legal and compliance department.

Wawrzyk reportedly attempted suicide shortly afterwards, having written a note decrying the media turning on him in light of his corruption being uncovered — although it is unclear how serious this attempt was.

Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Piotr Wawrzyk

Though PiS have done their best to play down the issue, doubling down on their rhetoric about being tough on illegal immigration, both Tusk’s PO and Konfederacja have used the scandal to publicly discredit PiS and attempt to bring their voters across. We’re even treated to the unusual spectacle of PO, a decidedly left of centre (and many would say, pro-immigration) party, attacking PiS for having opened the borders to hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants. PiS themselves are roundly mocked on social media, with users positing that their solution to preventing illegal immigration simply appears to be to give them all visas.

Every white European nation which has taken in vast numbers of non-white immigrants, whether legally or illegally, has experienced dramatic increases in social disorder and crimes including rape, robbery and murder.

While it’s no secret now that corrupt PiS officials took money from third world citizens in exchange for visas, it seems implausible that this was the only extent of the corruption. Before his dismissal, Wawrzyk was working on introducing a regulation which would facilitate greater immigration from third world countries. Given what we now know about Wawrzyk’s principles, it seems appropriate to pose the question of whether this project was also being driven by financial incentives — not just from the prospective immigrants, but from somewhere above. To actually set up rules dedicated to transforming your nation by radically altering its native white European demographics seems to be another level of betrayal — something deeper, more institutional and carefully organised than taking wads of cash in hand at African embassies. Given the similar patterns observed in the ruling, nominally conservative governments in Italy and the UK — which we previously wrote about — one can’t help but suspect the intervention of higher powers — quite possibly supranational.

Every white European nation which has taken in vast numbers of non-white immigrants, whether legally or illegally, has experienced dramatic increases in social disorder and crimes including rape, robbery and murder. The pattern across the US is the same. Sweden, now one of Europe’s most multicultural nations, is about to draft in the army to regain control of streets that the police long ago lost authority over. This formerly extremely safe, high-trust, homogeneous white country is now known for its disproportionately high number of rapes, murders, robberies, widespread gang violence, no-go areas, grenade attacks and rocket attacks. Multiculturalism — in other words mass third world immigration — is an utter disaster for any nation subjected to it.

Multicultural Sweden

Those on the left fear a PiS-Konfederacja coalition. They speak of a totalitarian government which will ride roughshod over the rights of LGBT people and discriminate against women.

These fears are not only overblown but also pale in comparison to the genuine — and existential — dangers Poland faces. The scale and speed of demographic transformation taking place in the USA and Western Europe is truly alarming. Both America and the EU have apparently lost control of their borders, with thousands of illegal third world migrants streaming into Europe on a daily basis in NGO-organised boats (The mass invasion in Lampedusa being one recent example, with the number of migrants outnumbering the island’s inhabitants by nearly 2 to 1) and via border breaches over America’s southern border with Mexico. In the month of September alone, over 260,000 illegal immigrants are estimated to have crossed the US border. In all cases, the illegal invasions are assisted by armies of NGOs and supranational organisations apparently hell-bent on turning all white countries non-white as quickly as they can.

And illegal immigration, while higher profile, is the tip of the iceberg. Demographic change across the Western world is being driven above all by the legal importation — albeit never with public assent — of millions of newcomers from the third world. Hundreds of millions more want to come to our nations. PiS, unfortunately, have been instrumental in bringing such change to Poland since they have taken power.

Konfederacja have insisted they will not enter a coalition with PiS. Indeed, many on the right fear that entering such a coalition will lead to the dilution and even disappearance of the party — as has happened for other smaller parties in previous coalitions with PiS — but despite Konfederacja’s growing popularity, they are far from having enough potential voters to govern alone.

Given this existential threat facing not just Poland but all of Europe — and PiS’s corruption and betrayal of its own voters on immigration — it’s possible a right-wing coalition, with Konfederacja forcing PiS to clean up its act on immigration, may be Poland’s only hope of resisting a similar fate.

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