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Karl Richter observes the intricacies of the Middle East situation, cautioning against blindly following mainstream narratives while emphasising the importance of understanding true European interests amidst global tensions.

We are unfamiliar with the specifics of the current Middle East conflict. As always, a healthy scepticism towards official statements is warranted, and future historians may, perhaps, unravel who is truly behind the events in Gaza these weeks. It seems plausible that the ‘value-based’ West is currently enacting its Ukraine exit strategy. No one, not even the USA, needs the war in Ukraine now. It is a lost cause for the West. While all eyes are on Gaza, Kiev is quietly being abandoned.

Personally, I am not inclined to be swayed by the well-known deceptive media into mindless solidarity with Israel or to blindly lash out at Muslims or Hamas. Reason dictates that we stay informed, keep a level head, and, above all, keep Germany’s interests in mind – not those of Israel, Brussels, or Washington. Moreover, forming one’s own conclusions is not that difficult. The Turkish President Erdogan, whom I respect, recently candidly stated: ‘Hamas is not a terrorist organisation. Hamas is a liberation group that fights to protect its land and its people.’ It is one way to view it. Censorship in any direction is unacceptable.

‘Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and Russophobia’ are used as weapons against the multipolar world.

We agree that we do not want Arabs rioting in German cities. However, it is counterproductive to fan the flames now. The masterminds are well known. They are keen to pit us not only against Russia but also against Islam, because they ultimately want our downfall. It is distressing how many compatriots, even from the supposedly ‘patriotic’ faction, fall for mainstream propaganda and suddenly feel compelled to vent their degenerate substitute patriotism on Israel. Whether it is establishment politicians or parts of the AfD, it is simply distasteful.

The most reasonable statement about the Gaza conflict heard so far came recently from Russian President Putin. At a meeting with leaders of Russian religious communities, he made some fundamental remarks that should be noted. Putin sees in the current conflicts, especially in the outbreak of violence in the Middle East, a Western strategy of inciting intolerance and religious hatred in order to ‘divide and conquer’ the world and thus maintain the ‘New World Order’. ‘Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and Russophobia’ are used as weapons against the multipolar world.

To quote Putin: ‘The West sees that the process of creating a multipolar world order is gaining momentum. And they use the same means to suppress the development of independent, sovereign countries and divide the majority of the world.’ The instigators of this development want a ‘wave of violence and hatred’ to flood not only the Middle East but all of Eurasia: ‘Muslims are incited against Jews; they scream, “War against the infidels”.’ Shiites are pitted against Sunnis, Orthodox Christians against Catholics. In Europe, one turns a blind eye to blasphemy and vandalism against Muslim shrines.

‘The purpose of all these measures is to increase instability in the world, to divide cultures, peoples, and world religions and to cause a clash of civilisations’, Putin said, emphasising, ‘meanwhile, they talk about a kind of “new world order”, whose nature has not changed: hypocrisy, double standards, demands for exclusivity, global dominance, maintaining an essentially neo-colonial system.’

Moreover, following the ‘infamous principle of collective responsibility’, ‘innocent people should not be held accountable for crimes committed by others’.

Putin is, after all, a smart man. Indeed, it would be wiser for Europeans to keep a low profile in these weeks, not to get carried away, and finally focus on their very own interests. Hatred and the mainstream media are decidedly bad advisors.

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Karl Richter

Karl Richter was born in Munich in 1962. After completing his military service, he studied history, folklore, Sanskrit and musicology at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. From 2014 to 2019 he was the office manager of a member of the European Parliament; from 2008 to 2020 he was a member of the Munich city council.

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