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P R Reddall highlights the symbiotic power of physical fitness and creativity in bolstering both personal and cultural fortitude.

In my last article, I stressed the importance of the gym in regards to not only looking good but to feeling good and most importantly to increasing motivation.

It should not be underestimated how much lifting weights simultaneously lifts the spirit. We are now the primary counterculture movement, and our physique is a key part of our message.

We know, however, that our task of raising the standard of our kinsfolk is made very difficult by our enemy, who use all manner of trickery, including psyops, the promotion of bad food, fashionable addictions to things which impact negatively upon us, mainstream media propaganda et cetera.

This fight can at times feel very demoralising, which is why we need more in our armoury than big biceps and shredded abs.

In my book, Towards Awakening: An Odinic Perspective, I detail a series of exercises, some of which centre on creativity.

Consider the difference between creating and consuming. In this modern world, notice just how much opportunity there is to consume content. It wasn’t like that long ago when television and radio were the only sources of electronic media, and we did not have smartphones in our pockets (indeed, I personally never carry one). Today, most folk will be consuming content for much of their waking day.

Consider also the word ‘create’ or ‘creation’. How are things created? Of course, they are first created non-physically (as a thought). The difference between creation and consumption is the difference between light and dark. They are poles apart. One may argue that certain acts of consumption actually inspire creation, but let’s be honest; most do not.

It is worth meditating on the idea of creative thought. What is a thought? Where does it come from? How does it manifest? Watch your thoughts and see how they arise. Are they creative or destructive? Are they bad thoughts or good? Noticing your own thoughts as they arise is a massive leap forwards on the road to spiritual awakening.

Our enemies rely on us to consume the kind of content which aids their far-reaching agenda. On the other side are creators who attempt to swing our folk back into line with content that inspires action, holds to a noble ideology and alludes to various other tenets of what may generally be termed ‘Tradition’ (i.e. Tradition in the Evolian sense).

The trick, of course, is in deducing which creators to follow and trust. Take care here, for it is of utmost importance that you get this right. If you are genuinely on the spiritual path, follow gut instincts as they will aid you if you care to take heed.

Getting back to the ideas of creativity which I put forth in my book, we must realise that developing creativity will play a massive role in our survival.

There is a god force within and around us; our folk have this creative gift and it is the link between man and the higher realms of existence. Our enemies are throwing everything at dumbing us down and removing the things which make us human, therefore it is essential that we fight back in a way which works.

If a man attempts to rob you in the street, your efforts in the gym will assist you in overcoming your attacker. Yet in a spiritual or psychological war, your efforts in the gym may provide motivation. However, the key to winning this battle is your honed creative ability.

Intellectual folk may create books or films; handy folk may create sculptures; artistic folk may paint pictures or make music. Some may be multi-talented. Indeed, the greatest of us will excel in multiple areas. But these creative impulses, which lie dormant within us, must be brought onto the battlefield, for personal and folk survival. Creation is not just about helping others; it is key to your own development.

Over the last two or three generations, our enemies have infiltrated the arts to such a degree that masculine men now find such things as poetry to be effeminate as it has been influenced by cultural Marxism. But this wasn’t always the way.

Great epics such as the Iliad and Odyssey, and the oral traditions later written down in the Eddas and Sagas were all poetic. Poetry is the language of our gods and ancestors.

Therefore, to aid us in the fight for our faith, folk and family, I urge readers thus: Refine your consumption of content, get into the gym and also engage in such creative pursuits as suggested in my book.

I cannot stress how important this will be as the years go by.

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P R Reddall

P R Reddall grew up in the industrial midlands, but a love of the countryside saw him move to a small village in the west of England where he presently lives with his wife, three children and dog. Always pagan in his views, he came upon the faith of Odinism in his late teens. It appealed to his sense of natural order and offered a logical folkish lineage to gods and ancestors. He leads a small Odinist hearth, enjoys hikes in the mountains, lifting weights, riding his motorcycle and playing the guitar.

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