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Alexander Dugin discusses Tucker Carlson’s visit to Russia, highlighting its political implications for patriotic American conservatives and leftists alike in their unified challenge against globalist liberalism.

To highlight once more: Tucker Carlson is not merely a journalist or a nonconformist reporter; he is a fully developed and steadfast paleo-conservative with a distinct and thoroughly conceived ideology, value system, and worldview. His trip to Russia was not for sensationalism but was part of his ideological agenda. This trip was political in nature. Tucker Carlson’s visit reflects the position of America’s conservative segment, comprising at least half of American society, on Russia and Putin. Tucker Carlson is a conservative politician, a traditionalist, and a public figure, representing conservative Americans when posing important questions to the Russian president, questions that are of real interest to them, and, in turn, receiving detailed answers.

This scenario represents a dual challenge to the globalist liberal establishment in the United States: an external challenge from Putin and an internal one from Tucker Carlson (effectively from Trump). Intriguingly, the US also sees the emergence of MAGA Communism, as represented by figures like Jackson Hinkle and Infrared. These individuals are allies of conservative Tucker Carlson but are also Marxists who support Trump and advocate the ‘Make America Great Again’ (MAGA) slogan. This indicates that viable leftist perspectives exist. Together, they are committed to dismantling liberal dominance.

Also read Alexander Dugin’s essay Tucker, Putin, and the Apocalypse here.

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Dr. Alexander Dugin

Alexander Dugin (b. 1962) is one of the best-known writers and political commentators in post-Soviet Russia, having been active in politics there since the 1980s. He is the leader of the International Eurasia Movement, which he founded. He was also an advisor to the Kremlin on geopolitical matters and head of the Department of Sociology at Moscow State University. Arktos has published his books The Fourth Political Theory (2012), Putin vs Putin (2014), Eurasian Mission (2014), Last War of the World-Island (2015), The Rise of the Fourth Political Theory (2017), Ethnosociology (vol. 1–2) (2018, 2019), Political Platonism (2019), The Theory of a Multipolar World (2021), and The Great Awakening vs the Great Reset (2021).

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