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James Porazzo and Alexander Nechayev dissect theories surrounding the Moscow terror attack, urging an examination of evidence to understand the motivations and implications, emphasizing the importance of facts over speculation.

In response to the theory mongering all over X and every platform known to man, here are some important points if you stop to think rationally:

The interrogation videos prove that these terrorists were Muslim extremists without a shadow of a doubt. If these are actors, they would deserve an Oscar. The footage is genuine. Whoever tries to pretend that religion was not a factor in this is an intentional liar. Those who said they were wearing “fake beards” and using “fake accents” to “blame Muslims” are liars.

The point of a terror attack is to claim it for a cause. No one, apart from a questionable claim by a branch of ISIS, has taken it so far. Perhaps this will change in the next day or two. Or perhaps the “secret leaders” have shit the bed, realizing what is coming for them now.

The Ukrainians have immediately been blamed, but there is no reason whatsoever for their government to orchestrate an attack of this kind. Any of their drone attacks and shelling that hit civilians are collateral damage and poor targeting, the same as with the Russian side.

This attack would condemn them in the eyes of the world. They are trying to present themselves as the “good” side in their PR campaigns, making this very against their interests.

It is convenient for us to blame the Ukrainians for this action, but we should not be lazy or use innocent deaths to reinforce a narrative, even if the narrative benefits the side we support in the war.

A likely suspect would have been the Russian Volunteer Corps, if they had some insane accelerationist idea that this would cause massive unrest and a regime collapse in Russia. However, they have flatly denied this, even though they were happy enough to gloat about their attacks on innocent villages in the rural areas of Belgorod region.

Accusing the Russian regime of this is the most ridiculous theory of all, especially immediately after an election which was supposed to cement and celebrate the power of the government. There was no need for such a display whatsoever.

ISIS has many bones to pick with Russia, starting with Afghanistan and Chechnya and being annihilated by Wagner and Russian forces in Syria. They also absolutely despise Ramzan Kadyrov and the current Chechen leadership, who ruthlessly hunt down Islamic extremists.

Any blame of a global Jewish conspiracy orchestrating this is illogical. Russia and Israel are still on good terms, and any verbal gestures to the Palestinian cause by the Russian state have been empty of anything resembling actual assistance. Russian Jews will also be demanding the heads of those involved with this terror attack.

There is no reason for the CIA to do this whatsoever. This attack would not have a destabilizing effect of any kind on Russia and there is no plausible benefit to the USA. The CIA are not in the business of making Russia stronger and more united. If the CIA are involved, it points to the mental illness of the White House now infecting their minds as well.

The one plausible Ukrainian connection is that they were stopped as they were planning to cross the border into Ukraine. Considering the country is a war-torn hellhole now and it was entirely corrupt to begin with, they would have been let in, wittingly or unwittingly. This would make it easier to regroup and continue moving to Turkey or back to their native lands.

There may be extra-governmental forces inside Ukraine who are extremists that support any genocidal acts against Russia.

There have been links and a crossover between the lunatic fringe of the National Socialist underground and radical Islamists for many years, including Azov fighters converting to Islam and promoting Wahabism. This should be explored further.

The Russian services were warned by the Americans about an incoming terror attack, but this had as much effect as the Russian warning about an impending terror attack on 9/11.

Finally, everyone just needs to wait for at least the partial truth to be revealed in time. Stop making up insane theories and look at reality for a minute.

At least 150 Russian civilians have been deliberately slaughtered in cold blood while preparing to enjoy a concert. This is an irrational act, and only fanatics of certain causes do such things.

The interrogations show who the fanatics were. They were all from the same religious background, which isn’t Christianity, or Mormonism, or Scientology. None are Slavs.

It’s doubtful that they gave a shit about Ukrainian independence and freedom.

More as the situation develops.

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