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Sietze Bosman argues that Europe’s traditional norms are under relentless attack by the Woke movement, and passionately calls for Europe to rise up and fiercely resist to defend its foundational values.

In the ongoing ideological guerilla war, traditional norms are again and again the victim of the nihilistic bloodlust of the Woke ideology. Norms, the mantra sounds, again and again, are oppressive. “Norms are not attainable for many people,” the Woke tribe chants in perfect Gregorian harmony, and therefore norms must be adjusted downwards or abolished altogether. Norms are exclusive and contradict the religion of a noisy minority, who are convinced that they alone are gifted with a powerful pure sense of morality — a morality that deifies the individual, grotesque as him/her/zim/they/zem/wolfkin may be in his expression of that individuality.

Natural-romantic thinkers such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau assumed that man is inherently good and that the institutions of modern Western society can only corrupt him. Churches, schools, and even the traditional family structure are institutions that can only drive people away from their naturally good nature, according to Rousseau. Thus any norms that result from traditional Western institutions are by definition repressive and remove man from his natural goodness.

Thinkers like Foucault and Derrida, postmodern deconstructionist thinkers, also had a strong influence on the substance of the Woke ideology. With them, we find the origin of ideas about the lack of real objective truth and that the institutions described by thinkers like Rousseau are only social constructs. Nothing has a deeper meaning anymore and even morality pertaining to anything other than the individual disappears into the ideological dustbin of Woke.

Postmodernist thinking states that reality can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways. This is true, but this ignores the fact that we live in a shared reality in which the laws of nature apply to everyone and that an objective truth emerges from these laws. How one interprets this objective reality that is shaped by the laws is indeed subject to great differences, but, nevertheless, objective reality runs like a binding common thread through the different individual interpretations of reality.

Norms are, according to the Woke ideology, constructs because everyone has a different interpretation of reality. Norms are, therefore, imposed on the already-good-by-nature individual. What is for one a man is a woman to another. What is a virtue for me is a sin for others. Even biological realities such as the dichotomy of the sexes are dismissed as “White, male, and cis-gendered” oppression. In fact, language itself is considered an oppressive norm that must be transcended and overcome, or destroyed. So the very way by which anyone can express themselves will become so disfigured that it can no longer function as a means of communicating, effectively taking us back to the stone age.

Everything that makes Western society the most successful in known history is put on a foundation of quicksand with this thinking. Tradition, connectedness to the land of birth, national pride, and leaving something behind for posterity are all ideas that are reprehensible and only ideological phantoms of toxic Christian-Western thinking, according to Woke. In particular, the Christian foundation of Western societies is something that has been regarded as an all-transcendent evil. Anything that flows from the Christian doctrine is worthy of being showered with verbal feces and violent vitriol.

God as a transcendent being, or even the very idea of God, is the absolute enemy of the Woke ideology. God is the ultimate norm, the ultimate standard. God created Adam and Eve from his rib — man and woman, an objective division of the sexes. As an ideology, Woke has declared war on all norms, so the creator of the norms must be destroyed. When you kill the idea of God, man must become like God and set his own standards, as per Nietzsche. Ethics thus becomes a purely personal approach to good and evil. Morality, de facto, ceases to exist because morality only arises in the context of social groups.

The idea that everything must be fluid and only categorized on the basis of a feeling that one has ensures that one exchanges the beautiful for the ugly, that one labels facts as hateful, and that one wants to impoverish language and use it as a militant instrument of framing. The result of this fluidity is shops with fat mannequins in the windows, Calvin Klein commercials with cellulite-ridden women and chubby men dressed in sports bras, transgender beer promotions, and lots of neon-colored hair. Many followers of Woke seem to make a conscious effort to make themselves as ugly as possible. Like some kind of recalcitrant teenagers who rebel against their parents, they turn away from any ideals of beauty. After all, a standard is only a matter of perception, not of aspiration — so chime the woke hordes.

Many Europeans have an innate feeling that we should not accept the Woke nonsense — that it is, somehow, anti-European to go along with Woke.

Woke seems to be a relatively new phenomenon, but the decline of ideals has been noticeable and visible for a long time. Modern Western architecture is a clear example of this decline of ideals. Traditional architecture, with its sublime sense of proportion and ability to impress the viewer, has been displaced by soulless and cold steel and glass constructions, which neither impress nor inspire. Modern Western cities have become sterile places, where modern architecture is carefully incised in and among the sporadic classical pearls that still exist. When Notre Dame lost its roof to a fire, there was a contest among architects to come up with an alternative. Among the submitted ideas was an actual swimming pool on top of the church, I shit you not. It is clearly indicative of the modern insanity that a place of such historical and cultural significance should be allowed to be raped by modern ugly-fetish architects.

Another good example is the Forum in Groningen, the Netherlands. The face of the beautiful historical city center has been disfigured beyond recognition by a building that is characterized by an order of ugliness that cannot be expressed in words. It is an achievement in itself to design a building with so many angles that cannot be appreciated for anything even remotely resembling beauty, from any angle. Beauty as an ideal seems to have been marked expressly as an element to be left out in the assignment for the architect. It has been stripped of everything that can please the eye, and its bare, slick facades can only torment the eye with their glaring architectural failure.

Modern art has also long been the scene of the decline of ideals. Art is also only what the viewer makes of it, they say. Art is therefore only interpreted through a story. So we now have museums that display used tampons and gold-painted noodles as art. The artist will explain the art to you with a vacuous story about “the edgy search for boundaries,” “the breaking of taboos,” or, “It represents a hermeneutic focus on the psychosocial interpretation of the intertwining of subconscious suffering and the glorification of transience, combined with a plastic-graphic reflection of the cisgender power paradigm.” Art, in other words, can only be explained through relativistic word salad — zum kotzen.

The all-consuming crusade towards absolute egalitarianism has the direct consequence that, in order to exclude no one, all norms must be adjusted to the lowest common denominator or even completely destroyed. There can be no norm of physical beauty because a person with an unfortunate genetic composition and the related lust-repelling physical attributes will feel left out because of this. School entrance exams are relaxed to allow for more diversity in schools, and companies recruit based on diversity characteristics and not on a standard of suitability. Blind pursuit of more and more inclusivity is what drives Woke. Woke is prepared to sacrifice everything that it deems repressive, even if it means destroying the economy and therewith their own ability to thrive.

Woke is not a trend, it is the culmination of a vile intrusion of an ideological globalist poison whose aim is nothing other than to defeat the West ideologically since it is very difficult to do so militarily. And because we have so resolutely shown the door to Christianity, the West cannot offer any resistance. We have not replaced God with anything that offers enough substance to unite the peoples of Europe.

The echo of the hammer that forged the European culture on the anvil of history still resounds in the hearts of Europeans. Many Europeans have an innate feeling that we should not accept the Woke nonsense — that it is, somehow, anti-European to go along with Woke. But it is the shame tactic so cunningly deployed by Woke that keeps people silent. Afraid of being stigmatized and labeled, people hold their tongues, not realizing that the proficient use of that very tongue formed the foundation of European culture. Free speech is the backbone of European culture and it must be upheld. Fortunately, due to the copious use of derogatory pejoratives and the liberal application of labels, they seem to lose their clout. Being called a Nazi doesn’t hurt that much if many people are called that. This offers perspective.

Now is the time for “no fucks given” about labeling and stigmatizing. Now is the time to pick up our natural duty to defend our people, claim our future, and expel the enemy from our lives and our territories. There is a great opportunity for the peoples of Europe who see the globalist scheme unfurling before their eyes. The field is ready to be plowed and sown with the ideas of Traditionalism, of a return to standards and norms that assure the rising of our people from the ideological desert that our continent has become.

Rise, Europe! Rise! Cast off your shackles and tear off your muzzle. Speak with fire and virtue, and never let the European spirit in you be diminished by lesser spiritual forces. Take deep breaths of the European air that is pregnant with the glorious spirit of our noble intrepid forebears. Open your mind to the priceless legacy we received and let your hearts swell with the love for our ideals. Let the tidal forces of history, blood, and honor surge in your body until all you can get out of your mouth in ecstatic devotion is: Europe! Europe! Rise, Europe!

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Sietze Bosman

Sietze Bosman, 42, resides in the Netherlands. Having served in the military for four years, he transitioned into a career in construction and currently holds a position with an organisation specialising in affordable housing. Alongside his professional pursuits, Sietze is an avid writer of stories and poetry in his native language, Frisian, rather than Dutch, reflecting his deep connection to his Frisian heritage. He is dedicated to formulating a philosophical framework that unites the Frisian community in resistance against modernity. Sietze identifies himself as a philosopher, family man, and worshipper of Creation, with his philosophy centring around the natural order and the responsibility it entails. Motivated by this duty, he endeavours to bring his people together, even in the face of resistance.

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