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Kurt Eggers, poet and member of the Waffen-SS, discusses the necessity of embracing maturation, the sanctity of life and procreation, and the critical roles of parents and educators in guiding the youth towards fulfilling its potential.

The Arktos Restoration Initiative

We have handpicked a few distinguished titles, previously lost to censorship, befitting any refined bookshelf. These esteemed classics are now offered in limited leather-bound editions, with a mere 100 copies per title. Owning one not only grants you a collector’s item but also supports our mission to restore them in paperback for all.

Your contribution aids the metapolitical battle, ensuring that vital ideas and concepts remain accessible to an ever-expanding audience.

IArcheofuturism (Limited Edition)
Racial Civil War (Limited Edition)
Kurt Eggers

Kurt Eggers was a German writer, poet, and Waffen-SS officer known for his nationalist works during the Third Reich, often idealising militarism and Germanic mythology.

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