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A Global Coup

Author(s): Guillaume Faye

This book will equally shock atlanticists and anti-Americans, as it targets both their vulgates.

Ever since the fall of the USSR, traditional American imperialism has undergone a profound change of essence and chosen to follow the path of suicidal excess, striving to achieve global domination through its novel mockery of the Roman Empire. But what accounts for such conceited folly, such ‘hubris’? Is it the neoconservative ideology, the financial interests of the military-industrial and petro-political complexes, the influence of the Israeli lobby, exaggerated nationalism or some other factor? These are the questions that this book attempts to answer. Nevertheless, the author does not believe that this New American Imperialism, which has taken on a simultaneously military and techno-economic shape, could ever represent a mortal threat to our European continent.

He condemns both atlanticist milieus and those who have surrendered to obsessive and hysterical anti-Americanism, an anti-Americanism that is as ridiculous as it is counterproductive. He tackles both Americanophilia and Americanophobia, a perilous endeavour by any means. In his view, it is not America, whose power is highly overestimated, that embodies a mortal danger from the European point of view, but rather those who tolerate and contribute to the ethnic invasion afflicting Europe, even if some milieus in Washington do rejoice at this development and encourage it, without, however, being responsible for it. The USA is seen not as Europe’s principal enemy, but as a mere adversary. There is yet another notion suggested by the author, one that complements the concept of Euro-Siberia: Septentrion, meaning the reunification of all peoples of European origin. It is no longer from a geopolitical perspective that the latter is to be understood, but an ethno-political one.

  • Faye’s insights are needed in today’s increasingly complex geopolitical theatre of shifting alliances and multiple poles of power in the global sphere, making an understanding of what he terms the New American Imperialism as necessary as ever in the wake of mass migratory displacement in Europe.
    Basil Benton, The Warden PostThe Warden Post
  • In A Global Coup Faye deftly condemns the status quo of Atlanticism, which is still in effect, that ensued in throughout the Cold War and its aftermath brings his penetrating attention to the neoconservative agenda evident in post 9/11 American foreign policy. This discussion is still extremely relevant given the recent summit of Presidents Trump and Macron, in which a new alliance was forged.
    Alessandro, Defend EuropaDefend Europa
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Chapter I: The Ideology Behind the New American Imperialism

A. American Imperialism’s New, Hazardous Strategy

B. ‘Unilateralism’ or ‘Unequal Bilateralism’?

C. As the USA Adopts the Soviet Doctrine of ‘Limited Sovereignty’

D. The Murky Concept of a ‘Pre-Emptive War’

E. The NAI’s Watchword — ‘Everything Is Allowed’

F. Hyperpower and Schizophrenia

G. The New American Imperialism’s Cinematographic Imagination

H. The Inanity of ‘International Law’

I. A Desperate Aggressiveness

Chapter II: The Bible and Business

A. The Return of Biblical Messianism to the Core of American Politics

B. The Militarism of Good

C. Israelism?

Chapter III: The Militaristic Option

A. The Realistic and Insane Aspects of American Imperialism

B. The Madness Pervading the Iraqi Campaign

C. Could American Imperialism Ever Be Successful?

Chapter IV: A Pseudo-Empire

A. The Historical Utopianism and Stupidity Pervading American ‘Unilateralism’

B. The ‘Declinist’ Theory

C. The Bush Doctrine’s Middle-Eastern Impasse

D. The Right of Might

E. A Western-Like War

F. The End of American Democracy — A Path towards Soft Despotism?

Chapter V: Europe — America’s Nightmare?

A. The NAI’s Anti-Europeanism and Francophobia

B. A Europe Perceived as a Menace

C. The United Kingdom, America’s Mistreated Vassal

D. A Consensual Weakness

E. Cultural Imperialism?

Chapter VI: Islamism and Americanism

A. The USA Versus Islam: The Weakness of a Factitious Power

B. Islamophilia, an Inadequate Weapon Against America

C. The Pest or the Flu?

Chapter VII: OHAA or Obsessive and Hysterical Anti-Americanism

A. A Schizophrenic Line of Thought

B. The ‘Uncle Sam’ Myth

C. The Worshippers of 9/11

D. OHAA, the Third World’s Ally

E. The Great Satan

Chapter VIII: Non-Americanism

A. The Hazardous Demonisation of the US

B. American Lessons

C. A Clash of Civilisations?

Chapter IX: The USA and the Domestic Threats It Faces

Chapter X: In Favour of a European Response

A. ‘Euro-America’

B. Economic Warfare

C. Anti-Third-Worldism: The NAI’s Sole Positive Aspect?

D. Towards a ‘Disorderly, Multipolar World’

E. Against Anti-American Moralism

F. Atlanticism, or the Whore Syndrome

Chapter XI: ‘Septentrion’, or the End of the American Dream

A. America Is Not Immutable

B. The Stupid Dream of a European-Islamic-Third-Worldist Alliance against the USA

C. Solidarity with ‘White America’?


Annexes (Part I): Various Informative Elements

The Chinese Challenge

Domestic Disorder

Geopolitical Elements

Annexes (Part II): A Few Comments on the Topic of Neo-Militarism

Annexes (Part III): Notes On the ‘Imperial Dream’

‘To Finish in a Burlesque of an Empire’

Annexes (Part IV): Examples of Counterproductive Americanophobia

The Neo-Leftist and Islamophilic Right

The Anti-Americanism of Those Ignorant about America

The Prevailing Ideology’s New Anti-Americanistic Position

Final Warning



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