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Alba Rosa

Author(s): Alexander Wolfheze

Ten Traditionalist Essays about the Crisis in the Modern West

Alba Rosa is dedicated to the self-surpassing re-birth of the Western peoples — and to the cause of their nationalist-identitarian avant garde.

Alba Rosa gives a Traditionalist analysis of the deepening Crisis of the Modern West under the aegis of the increasingly totalitarian ideology of Culture Nihilism. This ideology — defined by historico-materialist myopia, militant secularism, socio-cultural deconstruction and collective narcissism — is being implemented ever more rapidly by the globalist hostile elite of the West. During this final stage of the Cultural Nihilist onslaught, characterized by wholesale ethnic replacement and total social deconstruction, Western civilization is approaching its historical ‘event horizon’. Alba Rosa exposes the psycho-historical dynamics of Cultural Nihilism and puts the approaching ‘hellstorm’ of the Postmodern West into a Traditionalist cultural-historical perspective. At the same time, it sketches the looming spectre of the historical Nemesis of the Cultural Nihilist hostile elite: the Archaeofuturist Revolution.

Dutch edition

  • Aunt Sally, Laura Towler and I are joined by Alexander Wolfheze as we discuss and review Alba Rosa: Ten Traditionalist Essays about the Crisis in the Modern West.
    Mark Collett, BitChuteBitChute
  • Alba Rosa is a literary gold mine, located at the intersection of Identitarianism and Traditionalism: Wolfheze analyses of the Kali Yuga, the Mors Triumphalis and the Christian Katechon, incorporates Peter Sloterdijk and analyzes the political landscape of the Netherlands. For all those defending our peoples and our civilization and all those that seek to reconnect with their traditions and deeper sources, Alba Rosa is compulsory reading.
    Joakim Andersen,
  • Wolfheze’s book will be a great source of inspiration for many readers, including those who prefer to interpret concept of a perennial Tradition as a poetic truth. The compelling poetic text section, several new perspectives and many unconventional insights make repeated reading not only necessary but also interesting.
    Reinout Eeckhout, Identitarian NetherlandsIdentitarian Netherlands
  • Alba Rosa is a treatise of great erudition as well as radical thought. Effectively, it offers an extended version of the infamous “Owl of Minerva” speech by Thierry Baudet [leader of the Dutch patriotic “Forum for Democracy” party] — on steroids.
    Marijn Kruk, De Groene AmsterdamDe Groene Amsterdam
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Chapter 1 — The Harrowing of Hell: Ten Traditionalist Perspectives on Modern Eurasianism

  • Prologue: The Betrayal of the West

  • 1. The Eurasian Project

  • 2. Hellstorm 1.0

  • 3. The Fall of the West

  • 4. The light of Traditionalism

  • 5. ‘Take Shelter’

  • 6. ‘Helter Skelter’

  • 7. The Eurasian Citadel

  • 8. Hellstorm 2.0

  • 9. Across the Threshold of History

  • 10. ‘Za vashu i nashu svobodu!’

  • Summary: Ten Theses

Chapter 2 — The Crisis of the Modern West: A Traditionalist Diagnosis of Dutch Postmodernity

  • The Dutch Predicament

  • The International Dimension

  • Dutch Doomsday

  • Modernity: ‘Progress’ & ‘Freedom’

  • Tradition: Palingenesia & Anagogics

  • Generation & De-Generation of a People

  • Approaches & Choices

  • Perspective & Self-Analysis

Chapter 3 — The Dangers of Democracy: A Warning from Dutch History

  • Postmodern Democracy: The Dutch Test Case

  • The Dutch Election Results — Chart

  • The Dutch Election Results — Commentary

  • The Dutch Election Results — Prognosis

  • Beyond Democracy: Lessons of Dutch History

  • The Dangers of Democracy

Chapter 4 — The Sword of Knowledge

  • Ethnic Vocation

  • Ethnic Vocation in the Postmodern West

  • Higher Calling

  • Τὸ Κατέχον

  • The Dutch Vocation

  • Ger Tsedek & Ger Toshav

  • Postscript: From the ‘Amīdah

Chapter 5 — The Hamartiology of Modernity

  • The Rear-View Mirror of Traditionalism

  • ‘The Seven Story Mountain’

  • ‘Se7en’

  • ‘Crime & Punishment’

Chapter 6 — The Living Dead: The Theme of Social Implosion in The Sunset of Tradition

  • Social Implosion

  • The Regression of the Castes

  • The Experiential Reality of Modernity

  • The Cultural Nihilist Maelstrom

  • The Anti-Identitarian Agenda

  • ‘Dead Souls’

  • The Poisoned Cup of Anti-Identity

  • Kali Yuga

  • Matriarchy

  • The Zombie Apocalypse

  • Postscript: ‘The Remains of the Day’

Chapter 7 — Shutdown

  • Five Minutes to Midnight

  • ‘The Fighting Temeraire’

  • ‘The Camp of the Saints’

  • The Nirvana Option

  • ‘Götterdämmerung’

  • The Samson Option

Chapter 8 — The Archaeo-Futurist Revolution: Traditionalist and Identitarian Notes on Prometheus and Atlas

  • Nibiru Returning

  • The Postmodern Prometheus

  • Archaeo-Futurism Rising


  • The Spectral Revolution

  • The Identitarian Revolution

Chapter 9 — Twelve Rules for the Archaeo-Futurist Revolution

  • Diagnosis

  • Therapy

  • Dietary restrictions

  • Rehabilitation

  • Prognosis

  • Postscript: ’Aṣhāb al-Kahf

Chapter 10 — The White Rose

  • Prologue: the Dutch Revolt

  • ‘Vindiciae contra tyrannos’

  • ‘Placard of Abjuration’

  • ‘And tyranny away’

Appendix A — ‘Human Rights’: A Traditionalist Reality Check

  • Notes on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Encore: From the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Appendix B — Nietzsche’s ‘Stultitiae Laus’: Excerpts from Friedrich Nietzsche, Untimely Meditations

  • ‘The Gay Science’

  • ‘The Will of the People’

Study Material — Sources

  • Safe Conduct

  • Bibliography: Contemporary Themes

  • Bibliography: Classic Themes

  • Filmography

  • Earlier Publications of ‘Alba Rosa’ Material

  • Glossary


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