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Prometheus and Atlas

Author(s): Jason Reza Jorjani

In Prometheus & Atlas, Dr. Jorjani endeavors to deconstruct the nihilistic materialism and rootless rationalism of the modern West by showing how it was grounded on a dishonest suppression of the spectral and why it has a parasitic relationship with Abrahamic religious fundamentalism. Rejecting the marginalization of ESP and psychokinesis as “paranormal,” Prometheus & Atlas makes the case that psi is only “super Natural” insofar as our reductive modern scientific models have occluded Supernature for practical purposes. At the same time, Jorjani calls for a conscious recognition of the superhumanly empowering archetypes of Prometheus and Atlas, which he argues have unconsciously driven the daring scientific exploration and discovery of all those cultures that adopted and adapted the cosmopolitan promise of the Hellenic heritage. Embracing the Promethean and Atlantic spirit, and a reach for a fiery fusion of the horizons of the Eastern and Western worlds, would mean the dawn of a new age and an integral society wherein the modern barriers between Science, Religion, Politics, and Art have been dynamited.

Jason Jorjani’s Prometheus & Atlas is what profound philosophical writing used to be but has long refused to be: visionary in its method and content, sweeping in its scope, literally mythical, and, above all, positive.
— Jeffrey J. Kripal, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University

Prometheus & Atlas is the most brilliant treatise relating to parapsychological material that I have ever encountered… The range of scholarship required to make this argument is, in my estimation, nothing short of awesome. I don’t think any other writer comes even close to tying things together the way Jorjani has done.
— Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, Host of Thinking Allowed and Dean of Programs in Transformational Psychology at the University of Philosophical Research

  • Jorjani uniquely specialized knowledge in abstract and applied parapsychology allows him to historically contextualize the rising hybrid technologies of cybernetics, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and psychotronics. Much of the content of Jorjani’s Prometheus and Atlas is devoted to these subjects...
    Alexander Wolfheze, GeopoliticaGeopolitica
  • For Prometheus and Atlas is our nonfiction Moby Dick, Titanic in its scope and intention, stuffed with encyclopedic lore, cosmopolitan and yet essentially American, and Prof. Jorjani is our “pagan harpooner” folded in the flag of Ahab. One hopes, of course, that it receives a better reception than its spectral predecessor. Buy it, and be damned!
    James J. O'Meara, Counter-CurrentsCounter-Currents
  • Dr. Jorjani joins us for an enlightening overview of Prometheus and Atlas, a book essentially describing a coming scientific revolution that would move civilization past the current Cartesian paradigm through a reordering of society and politics.
    Red Ice Radio, Red IceRed Ice
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I. The Spectral Revolution

II. Fringe Science

III. Reason and Terror

IV. Storming Heaven

V. The Titanic Total Artwork

VI. The Occultation of Supernature

VII. Worlds at War over Earth

VIII. The Postmodern Prometheus

IX. Atlas of the New Atlantis

X. Kill a Buddha on the Way

XI. Being Bound for Freedom

XII. Mercurial Hermeneutics




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