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Social Doctrine and the Right – Part 2

Family Predates State The foundation of social order is the family, which precedes the State, being a society in microcosm. Consequently, the family has social rights and duties that are independent of the State.1 Private property is the means by…

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Ideas on a State as Power

For us, the concept of hierarchy and of State as power1 is founded on the idea of an absolute liberty. To be absolute, it is necessary for this liberty to be unconditioned. But there is evidently only one who is…

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The Left, the Right, and Social Revolt – Part 1

The philosopher-historian par excellence of Western Civilization, Oswald Spengler, noted that there is no proletarian, nor even a communist, movement that does not serve the interests of ‘money’ and ‘in the direction indicated by money’. He pointed out that this…

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Dante Alighieri and the ‘Philosophy of Right’

The Right is intrinsically the political and ideological embodiment of perennial values, albeit tempered by the landscape and the historical experiences that go to form a ‘people’ and a ‘civilization’. As Westerners concerned with either the regeneration of Western High…

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