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‘Homo Americanus’ with Tomislav Sunic

The Arktos crew are joined by a new co-host, Sezar (a.k.a. Decadent Perspective), with whom we welcome Tomislav Sunic to discuss the recent Arktos release of the Third Edition of his book Homo Americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age.

The conversation that ensues ranges over the broad American terrain, treating the history, government, mores, and philosophy of the world’s foremost superpower, and touching on some of the deep problems of modernity along the way. Sunic, who has lived beneath both Communism and Liberalism, brings a unique perspective to a broad and stimulating discussion.

  • 0:00:48 – Introduction of Sezar, our new co-host
  • 0:02:45 – Introduction of Tomislav Sunic
  • 0:05:18 – Homo Americanus vs Homo Sovieticus
  • 0:13:03 – Communism, American-style: the fundamental principles of modernity
  • 0:20:16 – The economic question: capitalism, liberalism, democracy, and the modern dogma
  • 0:23:54 – Sport as the modern religion and the commodified society
  • 0:28:42 – A brief analysis of the Trump presidency
  • 0:33:45 – Why did America succeed where the Soviet Union failed?
  • 0:41:53 – The problem of nostalgia
  • 1:00:00 – The sense of the tragic and the question of hyper-reality
  • 1:11:45 – The Biblical influences on Homo Americanus and the problem of religion in modernity
  • 1:40:30 – Arktos announcements

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