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Dr. Jason Reza Jorjani joins Interregnum once again to discuss the second edition of his book Lovers of Sophia, recently published by Arktos. Our topics include the meaning of philosophy, the question of freedom of the will, and the concept of worldview warfare as a means of understanding — and combating — the final decline of the postmodern West.

The Arktos Restoration Initiative

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Your contribution aids the metapolitical battle, ensuring that vital ideas and concepts remain accessible to an ever-expanding audience.

IArcheofuturism (Limited Edition)
Racial Civil War (Limited Edition)

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Edgar de la Vega
Edgar de la Vega
4 years ago

If we’re not careful, the human ego will artificially take us into utter vulgarity, & the beastly. It is relativism unhinged.

May our white race continue to naturally evolve. Guard our being!

David Schmitt
4 years ago

One particular manager I knew in government would issue pithy, ejaculatory comments in passing–as in the hallway–which were not to be ignored, in my estimation. One he seemed to like was, “Break them down; build them up.” Then he would be gone down the hall or around a corner after the hit-and-run, unilateral “communication.” Dr. Jorjani is very aptly describing The Beast.

David Schmitt
4 years ago

Gentlemen, I need at least a couple more listens to this podcasts. One little item that I want to pick out is the comment regarding quantum indeterminacy and free will. Classical determinism necessarily admits no possibility of free will. Quantum indeterminacy, itself, is insufficient for free will. But there is no requirement for quantum indeterminacy to be “by itself.” Stay tuned.
[Really, if ‘Arktos’ continues all of this great stuff, I will not be able to accomplish anything else. ‘Arktos’ is more than a gateway drug. It is an advanced trap far beyond the slippery slope. I am picturing my future self living under a damp, railway bridge in a soggy, cold refrigerator box essentially exposed to the elements as well as sordid and violent criminals. “How did you wind up here, man?” some fellow inhabitant of the dark world of despair will ask. “Well,” I’ll respond, “it started when I first started reading ‘Arktos’ and commenting, then I lost everything. ‘Arktos’ invaded every aspect of my life. I succumbed to—“Arktos Madness.” Next thing that I knew I was dancing around my studio like Jackson Pollock as I channeled replies to articles and podcasts.

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