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The ’20s have begun with the ‘global pandemic’ that is putting the New World Order project of the globalist hostile elite on the knife’s edge.

From Umvolkung to Entvolkung

(Demo-political Anamnesis)

Das Volk hat das Vertrauen der Regierun verscherzt.

Wäre es da nicht doch einfacher, die Regierung löste das Volk auf und wählte ein anderes?


‘The people have forfeited the trust of the government.

So would it not be easier for the government to dissolve the people and elect another?’

— Bertolt Brecht

Given the post-2015 urgency of addressing accelerating mass-immigration, New Right demo-political critiques of globalism have recently tended to focus on the specific issue of ethnic replacement rather than on the general issue of overall population management. One of the side-effects of Corona Crisis is a — most likely very temporary — attention shift, away from globalist-engineered mass-immigration and towards a broader view of globalist demo-politics.

One of the side-effects of Corona Crisis is a — most likely very temporary — attention shift, away from globalist-engineered mass-immigration and towards a broader view of globalist demo-politics.

One of the many advantages that New Right newsgathering has over its politically correct and dogma-bound MSM counterpart is its relative — because very necessary — openness to the ‘lunatic fringe’ and ‘conspiracy thinking’. Since the internet revolution of the early ’00s any New Right reader worth his salt will have had the (sometimes more than questionable) pleasure of becoming acquainted with many deliciously grotesque and hilarious thought experiments, ranging from the rather straightforward ‘reptilian take-over’ (undoubtedly reinforced by the authentically ‘alien’ behaviour of the globalist hostile elite) to the more subtle ‘transhumanist agenda’ (undoubtedly actively pursued by the ‘cosmetic surgery’ industry and ‘transgender’ lobby). The Corona Crisis has predictably triggered a surge in conspiracy theories that investigate suspicious coincidences as well as qui bono arguments, theories about the (accidental) release of bio-weapons, the targeted culling of populations and the convenient imposition of globalist totalitarianism. Such thought experiments have the advantage of broadening the New Right narrative and reinvigorating demo-political and eco-political foundational discourse. Thus, probably for a short moment only, the Corona Crisis is allowing the old question of overall population management to retake the centre stage. The smaller threat of globalist Umvolking (German, ‘population replacement’) is temporarily upstaged by the greater threat of globalist Entvolkung (German, ‘depopulation’). In fact, the threat of globalist Entvolkung should have had centre stage ever since the Fall of the Wall in 1989: it has been profoundly tangible ever since the globalist Machtergreifung that followed the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc.

First, in the ’90s, ‘Disaster Capitalism’-style neoliberalism brought back real hunger and real hardship to Eastern Europe and the ex-Soviet sphere, as it ‘privatised’ virtually all means of production, allowing foreign ‘vulture funds’ to pick up — and pick apart — native infrastructure, industry and land, leaving millions of older people permanently without employment and forcing millions of younger people to permanently relocate abroad. Grass grown-streets and ghost villages, of course neatly out of sight of the tourist masses, are found throughout most former Eastern Bloc countries, which collectively experienced a demographic collapse of unprecedented proportions. Of course, the Western press hardly paid attention to these things – the main attractions remained the fire sale-priced child prostitutes and post-order brides. Nobody has ever counted the preventable deaths of neglected elders and sick people in the understaffed and bankrupt state hospitals, the suicide rates among ruined shopkeepers and farmers and the desperate abortions requested by destitute young girls.

Then, in the ’00s, ‘New World Order’-style neoliberalism started to reinsert de facto pre-state socio-economic conditions into the West (here defined as Europe, minus Russia plus the overseas Anglosphere) with an all-out assault on the nation-state through various simultaneous ‘globalization’ programs. Nation-state borders were ‘erased’ through a combination of simultaneous ‘globalizations’: technological development (internet, mobile telephone), institutional reform (UN Global Compact 2000, International Criminal Court effective 2002, ECB with physical Euro currency 2002, Lisbon Treaty effective 2009). At the periphery of the West the same project was implemented through ‘Colour Revolutions’ (Yugoslavia 2000, Georgia 2003, Ukraine 2004). The demographic decline among the indigenous nations of the West may have been hidden by globalist-engineered Third World mass-migration, it was — and is — very real nevertheless.

Finally, in the ’10s, the most direct and cruel globalist Entfolkung strategy was imposed on the largely Muslim Middle East and North Africa: the globalist-engineered ‘Arab Spring’ brought revolution, terrorism and (civil) war to a region already suffering ecological depletion (severe overpopulation, water and food shortages, severe environmental degradation). The disintegration of stable state structures across large parts of Libya, Syria and Yemen, adding to the earlier disintegration of Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq, resulted in a combination of Middle Eastern and North African Entfolkung (war, hunger, ethnic cleansing, infrastructure destruction) and Western European Umfolkung (mass-immigration, artificially enforced inter-ethnic wealth transfers and systematically planned societal destabilization based on ‘humanist’ rhetoric).

Puisqu’un mort n’a de poids que si on l’a vu mort,

cent millions des cadavres semés à travers l’histoire

ne sont qu’une fumée dans l’imagination


‘Since a death carries no weight unless we see the death,

the hundred million corpses that litter the course of history

are nothing more than a whiff of smoke in our imagination’

— Albert Camus, La Peste

Now, the ’20s have begun with the ‘global pandemic’ that is putting the New World Order project of the globalist hostile elite on the knife’s edge. Depending on the specific nature and real severity of the virus, the Corona Crisis potential to bring about either the apocalyptic final victory of the globalist New World Order (the final eclipse of nation-state sovereignty through the ‘martial law’-style imposition of totalitarian transnational governance) or the utter ruin of globalist megalomania (the re-emergence of Neo-Eurasianist-style multipolarity and Ethno-Nationalist-style nation-state sovereignty, cf. the two preceding paragraphs).

Perhaps the greatest task of metapolitical re-education — and de-conditioning — that awaits the New Right in the wake of the Corona Crisis is the re-appropriation of authentic demo-politics. The only true antidote to globalist Umvolkung and Entfolkung is found in an utter rejection of the historical-materialist règne de la quantité1 in the demo-political arena. What matters is not the quantity of the people that survive the various incidents, crises and catastrophes of globalism — the category to which the Corona Crisis belongs in this regard remains yet to be determined. What matters is the quality of the surviving population: even if only a tiny fraction of the indigenous Western peoples survives, this fraction may yet carry the seed for a self-surpassing rebirth of Western civilization.2 This also means that the New Right is bound to reject the ultimate axiom of historical-materialism (which is the philosophical ‘red line’ connecting the modernist ideologies of liberalism, socialism and fascism), viz. growth à l’outrance, and its social Darwinist corollary, viz. natalism à l’outrance. At this point in history — with total world population nearing the critical eight billion threshold and with total European-descent population still at an absolute all-time high — quantitative population decline may turn out to be a necessary precondition for qualitative societal development. At this particular juncture, the natalist policies that are being promoted for the indigenous Western peoples in less discerning quarters of the Dissident Right — an impossible attempt at ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ in r-reproducing Africa and Asia at any rate — may very well turn out to be a fatal error.

As the compass of history swings back to True North, the ability to grow your own food, to build your own things and to fuel your own infrastructure are shifting back into focus.

The New Right would do well to remember that the highest human archetypes of Western civilization are found in its non-reproducing top layer: the eternal-bachelor scientist, the lone-wolf philosopher, the true-celibate priest, the young-dying warrior, the forever-errant knight, the last-of-the-line noble scion. In a certain way, Western civilization aims at one thing only: the re-production of these higher archetypes. In a certain way, all the work of generations of Western men, all the sacrifice of generations of Western women and all the children ever born from them, serve only one thing: to, very occasionally, bring forth these very rare higher archetypes. They are our most precious heritage because they can, by the greatness of their souls, again and again reproduce our civilization — even after all of its material expressions are utterly destroyed by whatever catastrophe fate may throw at it. The final demise of these archetypes — whether through peacetime decadence, pandemic depopulation or wartime genocide — would deprive Western civilization of its very purpose.

For however the fortune of war shall go,

may it not come to pass that much that was fair and wonderful shall pass forever out of earth?

— ‘Théoden’, The Two Towers

‘Never Waste a Good Crisis’

(Eco-political Anamnesis — MSM3)

This Corona Crisis presents us with a perfect opportunity to radically re-think the way in which we arrange our societies and public spaces. The moment has come to introduce healthy restrictions on mass tourism and to clean up our cities for the health and well-being of their inhabitants.

Between the many dystopian corona images that are drowning us on the big bad internet, one short video drew the attention of many: it showed a dolphin visiting Venice, swimming undisturbed through its channels, now quiet and clean because of the decline in tourism. Nearer to home, [in Amsterdam], the blessed effects of the collapse of tourism and mass consumption are also becoming noticeable. No streets crowded by drug-dazed Spaniards and drunk Easyjet Britons, no obese shoppers carrying bags full of disposable clothes produced by Bangladeshi child slaves back to their villages, no fast food restaurants full of bio-industrial torture meat — we may not be allowed to say it, but we can secretly enjoy the moment. High finance capitalists, real estate usurers and bio-industry lobbyists may not want to hear it, but, at long last, great city life is regaining some quality. …

If the virus has proven one thing, it is this: that the ‘there-is-no-alternative’ liberalism of low-budget mass tourism, fast fashion, open borders and public space chaos has had massively negative consequences. Low-quality globalisation and mass-migration have caused a poisonous climate where people and animals are forced to live in too close proximity in stone-and-asphalt jungles, in eternal transit in over-subsidized cars and planes — now we are paying the price. Ever since SARS experts had feared that planetary-scale predatory exploitation would cause some virus to jump from animal to human — now we are living through this scenario. …

This is the moment to introduce healthy restrictions on mass-tourism and to bring back some sanity into the lives of city-dwellers. This should be the end to political pandering to the spoilt lobbyists of the ‘low-cost carrier’ travel industry, to end the disneyfication of inner cities and to end the mad mass commutes in oversized cars and overfull trains. Let the space that is vacated by bankrupt 1-euro shops and fast food eateries be given to entrepreneurial collectives and small-scale start-ups. Let the experience of home-based work be extended through the abolishment of useless face-time in soulless office blocks. …Shops and eateries can be replaced by ateliers and workspace for individual creators and technicians. …Car commutes can be replaced by bike rides for people living near their workspaces. …Asphalt and stone can be replaced by water spaces and green parks. The time has come to clear our cities from the status-symbol cars and scooters of those who are too lazy to bike and walk. … This is the moment to take measures against the import of low-cost, non-durable, un-sustainable mass consumption goods that have been produced in Third World sweatshops. Restraint, civilization, silence, cleanliness and regularity — these are all dirty words for the real estate sharks, lease car show-offs and post-modern open border relativists who are running the Netherlands, but this pandemic is proving that without these things we will be killed off by our addiction to low-cost globalization.

‘Don’t Look Now’4

(Eco-political Anamnesis — RE: Greta Thunberg)

In the face of madness
I stood and I screamed:
‘You can’t have me!’
Crying, as I chased the poisoned shadow away
In its place, I planted a seed
And I watched it
As it blossomed

— Lupa G, ‘The Secret’

One of the least popular debate topics within the New Right, but causing rifts as deep as those caused by much more rewarding topics such as the Jewish, Islamic and Allosexual Questions,5 is the Climate Question. Despite the impeccably deep-green credentials of the New Right, which can be traced back all the way to Old Right Eco-Fascism (Richard Darré, Savitri Devi Mukherji)6 and early New Age Deep Ecology (Garrett Harding, Pentti Linkola)7, it is currently in danger of compromising its holistic-ecological root values by pandering to the ‘climate-denying’ electoral strategy of civic-nationalist and Alt Light populism. Given the catastrophic damage done to the Earth’s natural environment by decades of unrestrained Third World ‘demographic growth’ and unsustainable neoliberal ‘economic growth’ — now perversely combined in replacement-level Third World mass-immigration in the West — it is high time to purge the New Right from such unworthy weakness. Now, the Corona Crisis provides a perfect opportunity for a decisive reaffirmation of the New Right’s commitment to its holistic-ecological root values — a move that would have the welcome side-effect of breaking the current Liberal-Left near-monopoly on the ‘green vote’, an electoral ‘boom market’ given the growing ecological consciousness of younger Westerners. As shown by the previous paragraph, the old Deep Green link between ecology, demography and ethnicity is now starting to resurface even in the MSM — it is time for the New Right to dislodge the Liberal-Left from the ecological-moral high ground once and for all.

It is time for the New Right to dislodge the Liberal-Left from the ecological-moral high ground once and for all.

It is time for the New Right to face this challenge in the most direct manner. It can begin by facing up to the message of the iconic representative of contemporary environmental activism: Greta Thunberg. Irrespective of the non-ecology talking points and the non-ecology political agendas of those around her (family, associates, fellow-travellers) — even irrespective of those of Thunberg herself — it is necessary that the New Right should appropriate the one thing that she most authentically represents and even embodies: eco-consciousness. This challenge is complicated by the fact that the environmental-activist message of Thunberg, now seventeen years old, can be very easily dismissed as ‘deranged’ because she was diagnosed with a combination of so-called ‘mental diseases’: Asperger’s Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder as well as Selective Mutism. It is often forgotten that all these diagnoses, increasingly frequent and rumoured ‘fashionable’ among Western younger generations, actually represent person-specific but collectively ‘unfashionable’ qualities that are partially genetically determined but now increasingly difficult to combine with what is called ‘normal life’ in the open-air madhouse called the Western world. Thus, ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’ is nothing else than a (genetically predisposed) combination of high intelligence, strong self-discipline and irrepressible honesty that would have been highly valued under any socio-economic dispensation other than the malicious hyper-democracy and all-levelling idiocracy now prevailing throughout most of the Western world. Similarly, ‘Obsessive-Compulsory Disorder’ is related to perfectionist standards and meticulous attention in personal behaviour — qualities that are virtually incompatible with the ‘greed is good’ and ‘me, myself and I’ mentality that follows the nihilist conditioning and collective narcissism of Western post-modernity. Finally, to seriously regard Thunberg’s third diagnosis, ‘Selective Mutism’, as a ‘disorder’ would require the wholesale dismissal of the highest quality segment of humanity — it would require the psychiatric treatment of humanity’s philosophers, monastics, warriors and nobles. Let us hear what Thunberg herself had to say about ‘Selective Mutism’: ‘That basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary.’

So let us hear her out when she had to say on 23 September 2019 in New York, when she addressed the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit, and see if she did anything else but speak the most obvious kind of truth — the kind of truth that is so much in your face that you cannot see it anymore. About the winters that have disappeared, the glaciers that have molten, the rivers that have dried up, the forests that have been cut down, the coral reefs that have been bleached, the bees that have mysteriously vanished, the wild animals that have gone extinct. This is the truth that Thunberg, a girl of just sixteen at the time, was brave enough to stand up for and shout out at a very large audience of very big bad wolves. This is (most of) what she said:

This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you come to us young people for hope. How dare you!

You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!

For more than thirty years, the science has been crystal clear. How dare you continue to look away and come here saying that you’re doing enough, when the politics and the solutions needed are still nowhere in sight. You say you hear us and that you understand the urgency. But no matter how sad and angry I am, I do not want to believe that. Because if you really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil. And that I refuse to believe. …

[Y]ou are still not mature enough to tell it like it is. You are failing us. But the young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say: We will never forgive you. We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming, whether you like it or not.

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Children and fools always speak the truth.

— Mark Twain

‘De judicio Solis’8

(Numino-political Anamnesis — RE: Alexander Dugin9)

Judgment One: Over the last few decades we have awaited something fatal, something irreversible and decisive. Perhaps the corona virus epidemic will be that event. It is too early to draw exact conclusions, but some elements of geopolitics and ideology may have already passed the point of no return. The corona virus epidemic represents the end of globalization. Any truly opened society is laid bare to infection. Anyone who wants to tear down borders prepares the land for the decimation of its people. Only closure can save us — closure in all senses: closed borders, closed economies, closed markets.

It is time to remember the things that are truly precious to us, the things that are truly ours. These are the things that all these years you looked at but failed to see: that this is your home, your tribe, your nation, your land, your earth. Here we should recall the long-forgotten words of Holy Scripture: My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth (1 John 3:18).

Judgment Two: Liberalism has made the virus proliferate — in all senses. Liberalism is the true carrier of the virus — it is its apologist. The true ‘plague gods’ may turn out to be specific representatives of the globalist financial elite who have long recognized the ‘limits of growth’. The global elites and their local puppets may be counting on surviving with some vaccine or other, but something suggests that this may be where the catch lies. The virus may behave inadequately, and the processes that have now begun on the civilizational level, even on the level of individual — spontaneous, unpredictable — events, may disrupt even their most carefully thought-out plans. Whether or not it was created as a biological weapon in America, that ‘Citadel of Liberalism’, liberalism is the virus: it demolishes all that is different, particular, authentic, unique — all that makes us human. Liberalism kills.

It is time to eradicate this disease from the world root and branch, for once and all. This is the moment to turn away from the broad and easy road to perdition and take the narrow and steep road back to salvation.

Judgment Three: The measures of worldly success and prosperity are moving rapidly, they are radically shifting away from Modernist illusions such as ‘financial resources’ (America), ‘trade surpluses’ (China) and ‘humanitarian values’ (Western Europe). All these things that modern people have considered infinitely ‘sustainable’ and totally ‘reliable’ are pure illusions -the corona virus is showing that clearly and vividly. In fact, once the logic of what is happening now continues to develop a little further, we might see how the world ends — at least the world that we know and knew.

As the compass of history swings back to True North, the ability to grow your own food, to build your own things and to fuel your own infrastructure are shifting back into focus. It is time to move with the incoming tide, ride the last wave, let it carry us to the unknown shore and enter the firm land of the new world that lies beyond the drowning Atlantis of dying globalism.

Judgment Four: According to modern physicists, ‘bubbles of nothing’ may occasionally arise from a ‘false vacuum’, i.e. a vacuum which has not reached stability, but only seems to have reached it. If they arise, they may suck whole galaxies into nothing — these whirlpools spawned of unstable vacuums leave quite an impression. In the same way that the scientific elite reassures us that the chance of the appearance of such ‘bubbles of nothing’ is ridiculously small, the political elite reassures us that in the case of the corona virus ‘nothing bad is happening, everything is under control’. But it seems to me that it is not: the whole modern world is exactly such a ‘bubble of nothing’ which is growing rapidly, absorbing meaning and dissolving existence. Liberalism and globalism are its most vivid expressions.

It is time to exit the ‘bubble of nothing’, the existential void that is modernity: time to move beyond the ‘event horizon’ of modernist — historical-materialist, liberal-normativist, cultural-nihilist — conditioning.

‘La Peste’10

(Metapolitical Prognosis — Alexander Dugin11)

C’est au moment du malheur qu’on s’habitue à la vérité

‘It is at the moment of misfortune that we can get used to the truth’

— Albert Camus, La Peste

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Is it possible to expect that having coped with the corona virus, mankind will draw the appropriate conclusions, curtail globalization, throw out liberal superstitions, halt migration and put an end to the obscene technical inventions which are immersing everyone deeper and deeper into endless labyrinths of matter? The answer is clearly no. Everyone will go back to their old ways in the blink of an eye, before the corpses are even buried. As soon as the markets come to life and the Dow Jones wakes up, everything will be back to normal. The naive one is he who thinks otherwise. But what does that mean? It means that even an epidemic of this scale will be turned into an unfortunate misunderstanding. No one will understand the meaning of the coming of the ‘plague gods’, no one will think about ‘bubbles of nothing’ and everything will repeat over and over again until it reaches the point of no return. If one pays close attention to the passage of time, it should be clear that we are currently crossing that point.

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Mais vos victoires seront toujours provisoires, voilà tout.

Toujours, je le sais. Ce n’est pas une raison pour cesser de lutter.

Non, ce n’est pas une raison. Mais j’imagine alors ce que doit être cette peste :

Une interminable défaite


‘But all our victories will always be temporary, that is all.

Always, I know it. But that is no reason to give up fighting.

No, it is no reason. But then I imagine what this plague must be:

An endless defeat’

— Albert Camus, La Peste


(Apotrophaic Traditionalism)

Despite the disputed validity of Fichtean-Hegelian dialectic model (thesis-antithesis-synthesis) in pure philosophy, it remains valuable as a heuristic tool in the philosophically inspired culture sciences. Projected on European history, it sheds light on cyclical patterns of punctus contra punctum, patterns that are consistently followed by a sublime recapitulation. A Faustian element of self-surpassing resurrection becomes visible — not only in the Christian-ascetic half but also in the heathen-heroic half of the European Tradition. Thus, for the sake of those (few or many) of us whose eyes will soon be closed forever, this reader’s digest should end on two notes — to do justice to both halves.

The first note for those of us who still wish to carry the entire weight of our whole Tradition:

The Lord bless thee, and keep thee

The Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious to thee

The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace

— Numbers 6:24-6

The second for those of us who wish to stand beside the most worthy of our ancestors:

Imagine where you will be, and it will be so

If you find yourself alone, riding in green fields with the sun on your face

Do not be troubled, for you are in Elysium

— ‘Maximus’, Gladiator


1 Reference to the 1945 cosmological work Le règne de la quantité et les signes des temps (‘The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times’) by French Traditionalist René Guénon (1886-1951).

2 Cf. Alexander Wolfheze, Alba Rosa. Ten Traditionalist Essays about the Crisis in the Modern West (Arktos: London, 2018) 187ff.

3 Extracts from Constanteyn Roelofs, ‘Moge coronavirus het failliet van goedkope globalisering worden’ (‘May Corona Virus Cause the Bankruptcy of Low-cost Globalization’). Elsevier Weekblad, 18 March 2020 – translation, from Dutch, Alexander Wolfheze.

4 Reference to the 1973 cult thriller movie ‘Don’t Look Now’ by English director Nicholas Roeg (1928-2018).

5 For the author’s stance on these three issues, freely available online, cf. Alexander Wolfheze, ‘From JQ to IQ’. Arktos Journal, 6-7 February 2019, ‘A Note on the Islamic Question’. Counter-Currents, 8 July 2019 (plus follow up ‘Albus in Albis’. Amerika, 5 September 2019) and ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’. Counter-Currents, 18 June 2019.

6 Savitri Devi Mukherji’s most directly ‘green-relevant’ work, The Impeachment of Man (first published 1959), is freely accessible online at The Savitri Devi Archive.

7 Pentti Linkola’s most recent work, Can Life Prevail? A Revolutionary Approach to the Environmental Crisis (2009), has been published by Arktos Media.

8 Reference to the 1350 Latin-language Black Death poem ‘On the Judgment of the Sun’ by Belgian astronomer Simon de Couvin (ca. 1325-67).

9 Freely inspired by, with paraphrases from, Alexander Dugin, ‘The Plague Gods: the Geopolitics of Epidemic and the Bubbles of Nothing’., 10 March 2020)

10 Reference to the 1947 plague novel ‘The Plague’ by French novelist Albert Camus (1913-60).

11 Freely inspired by, with paraphrases from, Alexander Dugin, ‘The Plague Gods: the Geopolitics of Epidemic and the Bubbles of Nothing’., 10 March 2020.

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Alexander Wolfheze

Alexander Wolfheze received his MA in Semitic Languages and Cultures in 2004 and his cum laude PhD in the Humanities in 2011, both from Leiden University. With extensive research experience in the fields of Assyriology and Cultural Anthropology, he subsequently authored several publications in the field of Near Eastern cultural history.

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Klaus Leimann
Klaus Leimann
3 years ago

Dr. Mr. Wolfheze,
I want to thank you for beginning with quoting Bertolt Brecht. It is more than heartening and truely speaks for you that you don’t just rely in your work on the usual intellectual supects. He might have been a Communist and an Anarchist, who ironically was later banned in Eastern Germany and more played in Western Germany, but some quotes that come to mind are more true than they have ever been.

Alexander Wolfheze
Alexander Wolfheze
3 years ago
Reply to  Klaus Leimann

Dear Mr Leimann, Your second comment, about the Brecht quotation, is important because it touches upon one of the most difficult tasks that our New Right movement faces today: achieving our very own – what I provisionally call ‘Archaeo-Futurist’ – Cultural Revolution. Such a Cultural Revolution will need to take into account – and synthesize – many of the valuable ideas, high ideals and great names that have thus far been claimed (appropriated, distorted) by the historical-materialist ideologues of 20th Century Anarchism, Communism and Liberalism. Your first comment, about the problem of adhering to the Traditionalist notion of heroism in our most anti-heroic of times, rightly points to the ‘test’ aspect of the present ‘Corona Crisis’. To counter the secretive and invisible threat of the ‘Crowned Death’, the globalist hostile elite recommends – and imposes – the classic liberal-normativist recipe for all thing political: to do nothing. This is one of our ‘test’ moments: our New Right movement opposes nihilist globalism as action opposes non-action. At the private level, every man should look to his particular responsibilities. Those with families, gardens and lands to attend may have to be cautious and bide their time. Those with precious scientific skills and rare artistic gifts may have to seek shelter, so they can serve the greater good at a later time. At the collective level, the precious little vanguard of our ‘men of the right’ should carefully choose their fights – the right place at the right time. Finally – maybe at some ‘slack water’ moment in the not-too-distant-future – Ernst Jünger’s ‘pure action’, which derives irresistible forward movement from all-encompassing determination, will come back to us. When we remember the true Stahlgewittern faced by of our 20th Century predecessors – as in Julius Evola, who preferred to walk into the ‘fire from the sky’ that left him paralyzed after Stunde Null – then we can face our little test serenely. To survive it is unimportant: what is important is to pass it – all depends on the manner in which a man faces a test. Let us not forget that, to us who admire courage and who look for greatness in an ever more cowardly and low-life world, Death is an old friend. This little ‘Corona Crisis’ merely reminds us of the fond embrace with which we should meet him when he comes to lead us home. Because ‘There is a home we belong to – And it meets us – Close as our heart’s beat’.

Klaus Leimann
Klaus Leimann
3 years ago

Dear Mr. Wolfheze,
I don’t think that the Western governments had a choice in the question of public lockdown, due to the fact that the Chinese Government did the same thing and due to the fact that it slows down the economy with a strong reduction in consumption, and thereby both in profits and tax revenue. In fact I see it as a sign of hope that most people did compell instead of persuing their own self-interest and pleasure, but maybe its in some cases also more fear than a sense for the common good. Do you think that the Corona crisis could be an intellectual shift for the global flow of goods and services ? Just like the migrant crisis was for the global flow of people(s)?
Also if you think it could be an intellectual shift, do you know any applicable economic theories that could replace the present day neo-liberal hegemony ? Maybe I haven’t searched enough, but wouldn’t you agree that the economics are our great intellectual blind-spot ?

Twin Ruler
Twin Ruler
3 years ago

At least the Muslim Savages, those Infidels, are no longer invading Europe anymore due to the Corona Virus. Perhaps, this is the Lord’s Will. They, the Muslim Savages, march into Europe intent on the most unchivalrous and Satanic acts: raping European women, murdering European children, and otherwise daring to harm Europe. Hopefully, their “immigration” has been stemmed.

K R Bolton
K R Bolton
3 years ago
Reply to  Twin Ruler

Is this a proverbial wind-up line? Just the type of caricature the Establishment uses to spoof the Right.

Klaus Leimann
Klaus Leimann
3 years ago
Reply to  K R Bolton

Thank you Dr. Bolton, I couldn’t have put it any better.
Despite the migrant crisis of 2015 it is important to remember that most of the non-european / Muslim migration to Europe has been invited. Wether it is the Pakistani / Hindu population in Great Britain, wether it is the Maghreb population in France or the Turkish population in Germany, in all cases the economic establishment wanted cheap workers and they found their political support within the so-called conservative parties wether it’s the Tories in the UK or the CDU in Germany. In fact it was the Social Democratic party Germany that at least put an end to hiring new Turkish workers in the 1970s.
When it comes to the amount of sexual crimes committed by the Muslim population also a higher level of differentiation would be due as e.g. the ethnic background at cologne silvester night where disproportianetely more Northern Africans were involved then Syrians.
Furthermore I wonder if and how much more sexual violence on women and children would be committed by the autochtounous European population if the would have gotten them same free-pass within the cultural climate of degeneracy in the West like migrant perpetruators have recieved under the multi-cultural / tolerance /PC culture in e.g. Rotherham Britain.

David Schmitt
3 years ago
Reply to  Klaus Leimann

Mr. Leimann, I confess, I do not quite follow the implied significance of “invitation,” as here: “Despite the migrant crisis of 2015 it is important to remember that most of the non-european / Muslim migration to Europe has been invited.” Then, here: “Furthermore I wonder if and how much more sexual violence on women and children would be committed by the autochtounous European population…,” I seem to detect the beginning of a thesis. I do not claim social research to be my specialty, perhaps you could suggest some testable hypotheses that could answer the question that you raise. I mean, this should be a tractable question. For instance, my naïve first jab into this would be to set up a null hypothesis such as, violent rime rate per 100,000 [autochthonous] equals violent crime rate per 100,000 [heterochthonous]. It might get a bit difficult to assemble the data if the government functionaries are preventing the recordation of race, or other proxy for race, such as national origin. Here in the U.S., the government-press complex plays this little game. Thus, the Press–and man o’ man are they ever an institution that likes to lie–can say with a feigned-incisive tone of “gotcha:” “It is important for our viewers to note that there is no evidence whatsoever to support the Far Right’s (is there any other kind of “Right” when it comes to the Press, academics and Hollywood?) implicitly racist claim that migrants or non-Whites disproportionately commit crimes against the dominant population?” The interesting situation in the U.S. with regard to the European-ethnic population and non-European ethnic groups is that the Whites are the heterochthonous group. Complicating this further still is that Black Americans, Hispanics (with European and Native ancestry) and the Chinese are also in recent times heterochthonous. Mr. Liemann, I presume that you are not unaware of the chthonic spirits you have summoned in your casting of this question in this manner.

Klaus Leimann
Klaus Leimann
3 years ago
Reply to  David Schmitt

Dear Mr. Schmitt,
Again, and I thank you for this without any passive-agressive undertone, I need to clarify. My first point was simply that before 2015 most migration to Europe was the result of the Western European capitalist system and its need for a cheap working force with the political establishment and on the forefront the “so-called” Conservatives fulfilling the the demands of their donor class.

To my second point. I have to admit statistics is not my great strength and what I wrote is more based on some subjective observations and considerations. I stand by the claim that I believe that what we saw in terms of organised and sexual violence was the result of an self-accelerating process due to the in-action of our present day law enforcement, since the police was more afraid of getting persecuted themselves in accordance with the multi-culti dogma than they felt compelled to do their jobs. I write that without passing judgement on the any police man in particular since they are regularilly backstabbed by the media and politicians. I can not imagine if the Silvester night of cologne would have been possible if we still had the STASI in Germany.
In terms of comparison the autochtounous population I again write from a point oof personal disappointment. For one I found out more then once that different people I held in high reagards before actually used their vacation to fly to Venezuala or Thailand not just to enjoy the beaches, if you know what I mean…
But furthermore what I learned in the course over the last years is the amount of sexual violence that is committed within families. I’m engaged in my home town in a few non politica social projects. One deals with teenage and young adult drug addicts. And while it’s on the male side often the usual stupidity that comes with the age, I created a de-personalised statistic for our female clients and was astonished that between 30-50 % percent have a background as victims of sexual violence usually coming out of their close environment. Therefore I think if parts of our migrant population wouldnt be able to rely on the mirgant bonus over the last years which many autochtounous sex criminals dont get, things wouldnt have escalated in the amount they did.
I hope I could clarify my position. Please feel free to respsond

David Schmitt
3 years ago

Thank you, thank you, Dr. Wolfheze for your little paean to “the eternal-bachelor scientist, the lone-wolf philosopher, the true-celibate priest, the young-dying warrior, the forever-errant knight, the last-of-the-line noble scion.” For the Christian who has tried to engage the great picture of reality using all of the lenses available, including those provided by the natural sciences, there is at least a small, dull ache in this one particular area. Certainly faith overcomes it, but there is–if not a nagging doubt–then at least a troubling discordance that emerges when one interacts with society. What honorific medals does Nature confer to the celibate, to those who are alone by circumstance, those chaste ones committed to a mission and to all those others who leave no children? Even for the Christian, there is a bit of natural regret that must be courageously overcome as one’s faith matures and gives testimony to an afterlife not based on personal, biological fecundity. There are plausible, comforting myths to imagine–based on natural, as well as spiritual, grounds–that can cheer the individual who has not reproduced that he is not–necessarily–a biological naught, an accident of the superabundance of nature, a tragedy of missed opportunity or skill, a waste, an end-of-the-line of being, a non-participant, defective loser rejected and emasculated by the great Darwinian Earth-Woman, a hapless seed fallen from a tree and washed down the world-street drain to disintegrate in the Great Cosmic Sewer. (Whew! Thank goodness. I was getting depressed just writing that sentence.) It is possible to recover some hope by speculatively invoking notions of evolutionary group selection, viral transfer, or possibilities opened up by quantum physics for an indelible Cosmic memory (a.k.a., the ‘Logos’). I know, I know-, I can hear it now–none of this is an excuse not to exercise.

Turning to another topic, I would mildly counter you on one point. You chide members of the “less discerning quarters of the Dissident Right” for urging Europeans to try to out-r select the sub-equatorial peoples. I would agree that we not fruitlessly engage in a game of r-selective breeding, especially like those recommendations to irresponsibly “bang out” hordes of White welfare babies in order to overwhelm the system. I would argue, however, that as a group we try at least a bit harder to do some more of that special K-selective breeding that we once were so good at. Currently, Europeans are hardly even accomplishing this much. Fewer K-selectively bred babies, far fewer opportunities for sprouting up those special “non-reproductive” babies as well.

Concerning another point, I do appreciate your refreshing willingness to entertain ‘eco-consciousness’. You argue well for its adoption as a strategy for the Dissident Right. I was steeped in ecological course work in college, worked in the wind industry and spent nearly a decade in an environmental regulatory agency. Furthermore, I am currently working on innovations involving desalination, water purification, detection of ‘E. coli’, the detection and assessment of toxicants and endocrine disruptors and am actively promoting the re-introduction of beekeeping into cotton farming. In short, I support eco-consciousness. But I am troubled by many oddly zealous environmentalists, such as they are. A distracting focus on climate change serves very well those liberal, corporate-governmental-private entities most culpable for environmental harms and social meddling. The “Greta Thunberg” brand seems to be misusing her as a person as well as impeding real advances in environmental management.

Also, I do want to affirm your recognition–with Greta as an example–of the importantly interwoven character of behavioral characteristics and the social and physical environment. The West overly pathologizes and dismisses individuals and overlooks the ways in which potentially adaptive traits are strained in disorganized ‘relationships’ with unhealthy, modern social environments manufactured by ever-consolidating global-financial empires.

The whole of your article sends a clear injunction that we must not settle for having our ruminations and advocacies for policy forcibly jammed into the labelled categories that the oligarchs know well will produce the most effective divide-and-conquer effect. The Dissident Right, in whatever local community they find themselves, needs to be an agent who fosters discussion at whatever level id appropriate an permissible by his or her neighbors. There is an art to elevating and edifying without condescension that can only be exercised with a relentless drive for greater humility. Without every individual acting as a bridge between communities with which he necessarily is in an existential variance with, we cannot build integral societies that might reflect the aspirations that you described here. Here is where the non-reproductives have indisputably more and different opportunities to devote good efforts and missions. This is where the Gretas of the world can donate much by grappling with the gift that their mismatched relationship with a current order presents to them. And this is where the K-selective parents can bring the “K” part to life: the deep education of their children. Becoming an evermore enriched person, and an intellectually enriching person, is the key to having something to pass on to offspring and the encircling society.
though I certainly would applaud that this elevation involve many things in the arts and sciences, I agree that sustainability projects and enterprises for the local community are critical foundations for coping with, and bring into being, a healthier, post-Quarantine order.

Alexander Wolfheze
Alexander Wolfheze
3 years ago
Reply to  David Schmitt

Dear Mr Schmitt, Thank you for your extensive and incisive comments. First, your appreciation for my reminder of the very specialized ‘surplus values’ that Indo-European cultures have long striven toward as the true ends of their bio-evolutionary reproductive cycle made me realize something important, viz. the degree to which these ‘surplus values’ are no longer even recognized. No more than two or three generations ago, European families saw other futures in their children: they were proud to have a daughter who took monastic vows, a son who had a priestly vocation, a young soldier volunteer who had fallen in battle and a young-old professor-to-be who lived for his science alone. If this larger – and ever ‘Faustian’ expansive – vision of life, or an ‘updated’ version of it, would truly desert our people, then surely it would be better for them to go extinct rather than to live on in infamy and disgrace. Faced with such a choice, we should depart ‘in style’, in Jeffers words: ‘A grim, grey wolf, hunted all day, Wounded, struck down at the turn of twilight, How grandly he dies. The pack whines in a ring and closes not, The head lifts, the great fangs grin, The hunters admire their victim. That is how you should end – you would die like a dog – like a wolf, war-loser.’ This ‘attitude reminder’ is also relevant to your second remark about K-breeding: perhaps a certain degree of ‘self-selection’ may be discerned in our peoples’ recent anti-reproductive – even anti-natalist – tendencies, tendencies that may be reaching their culminating point in the ‘reproductive strike’ among our (mostly higher IQ) females. Perhaps the SJW-styled, hyper-eco-conscious rationalizations that they tend to ‘explain’ this very real ‘reproductive strike’ with are merely ‘coping mechanisms’ to deal with a much more instinctive realization of a much darker reality: the reality that certain conditions are not worth living – and certain defeats are not worth surviving – at least for us as a group. That would be ‘natural selection’ as well: certain habits, ideas and values – and, by extension, certain people – may be simply too maladapted (in this case: too moral, too good, too intelligent) to the actual life conditions now prevailing in the West. Of course, such a ‘retrograde’ bio-evolutionary development (i.e. ‘devolution’) does not have to be irreversible – but it would take decisive action on the male part of the population to convince the female part of an alternative, viable outcome. You are right in pointing to the crucial role that our most talented ‘non-reproductives’ may yet come to play: if they are most ‘mismatched’ with the globalist Brave New World project, they also stand most to gain from finding ways to bring it down. This fits in with what you rightly identified as the most important message I sought to convey here: that, in your words, ‘…we must not settle for having our ruminations and advocacies… forcibly jammed into the labelled categories that the oligarchs know well will produce the most effective divide-and-conquer effect.’ This means that we, as the New Right, should conquer, appropriate and absorb all that is still true, wise and brave in our life-world. That way, if nothing else, we may eventually force our peoples to a collective choice between dark and light – even if it seems that there is nothing left for us to choose but to ‘go down fighting’. At that juncture, we would have to trust that there is a higher equation that can yet lift us beyond the ‘bio-evolutionary’ rejection and emasculation by what you called ‘the great Darwinian Earth-Woman’. We should not forget that the great Earth Woman – her old name is Gaia and it was for her that Greta Thunberg tried, in her own small way, to speak up – cyclically renews herself in the same way that every small earthly woman begins: each Golden Dawn she is transfigured, resurrected as a shining virgin bride, perfectly ours, offering boundless gifts.

David Schmitt
3 years ago

Dr. Wolfheze: There are so many points from which to branch. Maybe it is best to go for the trunk and a few of the branches. 1. Replacement is still significantly a concern to me. Threats to sufficient quantity, not only quality, will be crucial—perhaps I am merely nostalgic and remorseful considering how easy and good it could have been. 2. I will not internalize an assessment, charge or conviction that the Court of Natural Selection has ruled against my people—or me. No one ever should. The first incorrect assumption is that there is anything “natural” about what has happened to us. The poisonous critiques where injected from the outside. The game of economic “nature” was a pseudo-nature. It was the proverbial apple. Furthermore, the mechanisms of sexual selection were also tampered with from the outside so as to nudge, yank and invert social orders of the sexes, power and intellect so as to erect a flimsy bureaucratic state that dehumanizes, atomizes and robotizes human beings into a machine waiting to be made obsolete and discarded. En route, those flimsy bureaucracies have to be destroyed, but thats okay, there is more cardboard from which to make more stacked boxes filled with offices. The people inside are expendable. Lawyers make a few bucks–along with other side scams they have going–when the pension funds get robbed and the big-money folks win the biggest share—again. 3. I am not suicidal–personally nor ethnically. I have no intention of going gently into that grey night. I detected the depressive, manipulative, corrupt messaging of that movie: the boy, the fight, the oil extraction from Mommy Earth, the crash, the failure of guns, the attack while urinating, the pseudo-glory of death. I reject it all. I refuse to be euthanized. 4. Greta and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are two games being played by the oligarchs. One trick manipulates parent-child psychological mechanisms; the other sexual ones. We need to become keener about their attempt to confuse and then have us either fleeing to the child-like role, or to the parent role (as with Greta). Then they frustrate our attempts in Bernaysian fashion and get us to obsessively buy more, work more, submit more. The “tell” is the Greta-brand’s resort to broad denunciations and off-the mark prescriptions—all meant to maintain the Globalist interferences in the environment just fine, “thank you.” I recall coming up with the idea of a “Blue Environmentalism” in an organization (it went nowhere) to close the loop and to counter what I thought was the utter fraudulence of the “Green” forces that held sway. Closing the loop is what the blue environmentalist engineer is incentivized to do, not because of some regulatrix forcing his action. Blue environmentalism works because it actually puts the human being back at the center. 5. As for the sexual game of social control, as the AOC-type is a propagandist’s aphrodisiac lure, one does well to remember that such inducements, like Spanish Fly, really derive their power from being deadly irritants. So there we have it: two contestants presented to us as representatives of our Earth Mother. 6. Your mention of Gaia brought back an old memory. I recall a colleague chatting with Lyn Margulis after the latter’s seminar talk about Gaia. I remember him raising the topic of Europe’s extensive, historical experience with the Virgin Mary as a feminine archetype. He gave Dr. Margulis his card to continue the discussion so there was nothing more to eavesdrop in on. If a follow-up conversation occurred I do not know. It would be interesting to explore. But recalling this did bring me to the main trunk of my thoughts. 6. So what does it boil down to? What is the battle? The world and the oligarchs that want to construct a sexual playland where sex and reproduction are separable and selectable. But this circle cannot be squared. Oh, but how about a cylinder whose height is equal to its diameter? Such an ideal object has, among an infinite number, two axes of projection: one that is a perfect square and one that is a perfect circle. Won’t some fusion of ideas like that work as long as one leaves the plane? There, you have, in a sense, squared the circle, no? Yes, but you have also created an infinity (minus two, equals infinity) of other projections that are neither circles nor squares. Real lives get trapped in those projections that are nothing but odd shapes. My dissertation adviser would visit a colleague at the Rockefeller Institute to collaborate on various experiments. My advisor was so convinced that people in New York City really knew how to live. Another colleague of mine, with whom I profoundly enjoyed collaborating, also fled permanently to NYC for the similarly expressed reasons. Years ago a lovely young woman I knew was much taken by a new television show: ‘Sex and the City’ (and was taken by me—I am told). But the Universe cannot be made to work like NYC. In fact, NYC cannot be made to work like NYC: the costs must be externalized. A neo-liberal economy of deception, usury, contraceptive dominion, delusions of infinite economic growth, inverted organizational structures, ever-dissolving institutions and the use of the commons as a dumping ground must be hidden behind the curtain of crafted perceptions. I do not know why, I do not now how the gears work and then don’t work, I do not know what chemical reactions are broken—but we cannot have our sexual cake and eat it too. What gets eaten is, first, the baby, then the environment, then the society, then ourselves. 7. We did not do–and we are not doing–this to ourselves, though we negligently are guilty of accepting it. That is the good news. We can simply chose say, all together, “No.” And the Coronavirus–whatever its origin—has given us a hint from Mother Earth: “she agrees.”

David Schmitt
3 years ago
Reply to  David Schmitt

Dr. Wolfheze, re-reading your comment and mine, two days later, I think I misapprehended some things you were saying even though you stated these ideas clearly enough. I have heavily smoked lenses by now. The death-cult themes of the last decades (e.g., stickers of skulls on windows of pickups always puzzled me) that I may have conflated the fight-with-abandon, over-the-ramparts zeal with a resigned nihilism. Regarding Greta, the manufactured brand, not the person, I was prejudicially disinclined to see her as a figure of rising hope. I will reconsider my reflexive response now that I have thought out loud about it. Remember the scene in the movie, ‘Dirty Harry’, where the perpetrator pays some ruffian to beat the daylights out of him so that he can blame his injuries upon Inspector Harry Callahan? I still have a strong suspicion that the oligarchs are using the girl as a prop to beat them up (or their proxies, actually) at the movers-and-shakers conferences as part of the spectacle that we are to consume and by whom we can be maneuvered using our sympathetic impulses. Do you think this is too dark? I am not sure that we can compete head-to-head with a professional-advertising product and I am quite sure any attempt to mimic the process would be anything other than clunky. The general public loves human spokesmen and living symbols, not abstract ideas. Currently, I think we need to stay the course for now and patiently await for the intellectual explorers to emerge in the digital societies, opinion sites and–if necessary–underground “mimeograph” presses and “coffeeshops” if things become very bad. I kind of liked the smell of that blue ink.

David Schmitt
3 years ago

Mr. Liemann (responding to your comment of 23rd April 2020 at 12:40 pm), It seems to me to be a tendentious misattribution to blame European White for inviting mass migration. The populace does need to be sternly talked to “in the locker room.” But the real blame is with the sell out leaders and their overloords. I am not prepard to entertain some type of juxtaposition of th effects of the imposed social dyfunction of Europeans with the criminality of the non-Europeans. The non-European, migrant invaders have also suffered injustices in their homelands at the hands of the oligarchic players of the grand chess game. But, as above, the implication that the White citizens in general must bear the responsibility for these injustices is untenable. These smack of a Marxis maneuver.

David Schmitt
3 years ago
Reply to  David Schmitt

Spotting it as I pressed “Post Comment, “Marxist.” (I wish we had an ‘edit’ feature for those of us can only approximate, at best.”

Twin Ruler
Twin Ruler
1 year ago

The Corona Virus really changes things. Hopefully, the US borders, at least, will close. In this way, Americans can keep out the Mexican “immigrants.”

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