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Charles William Dailey joins Alexander Wolfheze to talk about his book, The Serpent Symbol in Tradition, recently published by Arktos.

(1) The quotation at 33:30 is taken from the famous scene in Bernardo Bertolucci’s 1987 film The Last Emperor, in which the child Pu-yi is named to succeed as Emperor by the Empress Dowager Tzu-hshi.

(2) For those interested in a Traditionalist take on Modern Cultural History and/or Post-modern Meta-Politics: the interviewer in this episode of Interregnum, has published several books relevant to both topics: The Sunset of Tradition (Cambridge Scholars, 2018), Traditionalist History: The Former Earth (Cambridge Scholars, 2021), Alba Rosa (Arktos: London, 2019).

(3) To add some artistic fire to this philosophical talk: an appropriate theme song to this Interregnum edition, which touches upon the primordial creativity of all authentic Tradition, would be ‘Pfhat A flash… and the sky opened!’ by Giacinto Scelsi (1974). It is a ‘half-coded’ reference to the Ancient Egypt Creator God Ptah.

The Arktos Restoration Initiative

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