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Dana Avalon is from Gotham, the last modern metropolis on Earth in the year 2112, built by Prometheists in the late 21st century above the shattered skyscrapers of Manhattan rising out of the Atlantic Ocean. As the leader of Prometheism, and the reincarnation of the movement’s founder, Dana realizes that the war with the Traditionalist Imperium is lost in the present and that retrieving the future of Modernity requires her to travel back in time to 1980 as an assassin aiming to rewrite history. Her principal aim is to prevent the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Dana eventually meets Nikolai Alexandrov, an incarnation of her from two lifetimes ago, and alters the course of his tortured life. Nikolai is a New Yorker of questionable ‘Russian’ ancestry, who recalls his past lives as Nikola Tesla and as an Atlantean. Following the traumatic death of his parents, he is adopted and raised by a mysterious couple who claim to be his aunt and uncle. After doing breakthrough work in Physics and Philosophy, Nikolai finds himself caught up in a web of intrigue that leads him to a career as a psychic spy tracking UFOs for U.S. Naval Intelligence and to the discovery of Neo-Fascist plans to establish a Fourth Reich.

This re-write of Faustian Futurist and Uber Man includes a number of new chapters that integrate Jorjani’s two novels into a single literary work and also complete the story of Uber Man that ended with a cliffhanger. The new material features substantive commentary on Satanism, makes more explicit the esoteric theme of the cult of Artemis in Faustian Futurist, and, most significantly, addresses Simulation Theory and Artificial Intelligence in relation to the nature of sentience, consciousness, and Psi phenomena.

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