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We are very pleased to report that, notwithstanding certain deliberate attempts to slow us down, the past year has been Arktos’ strongest to date. Here is a selection of our main accomplishments from 2017:

  • We published 26 unique book titles this year, breaking our previous record of 20 unique titles in 2016.
  • Of these publications, roughly half were original manuscripts while the rest were mainly high-profile translations of books by Julius EvolaAlain de BenoistGuillaume FayeAlexander DuginHans-Jürgen SyberbergDominique Venner and others.
  • We commissioned 23 translations, vastly more than any previous year.
  • Our book sales increased by nearly 70% compared to 2016.
  • Members of our core staff made 42 appearances in speeches, lectures, radio and TV interviews, and 23 appearances in newspaper interviews.
  • We co-organised the biggest identitarian conference in Europe ever, ‘Identitarian Ideas IX’, in Stockholm, in February, with close to 400 guests in attendance.
  • We made seven new key recruitments of translators, editors and other co-workers, who are currently working with the rest of our team to take Arktos to the next level.

We owe this exceptional year in large part to you, our friends and supporters, and we extend our sincere thanks for the constant support you have offered us through both the setbacks and the successes of 2017.

It is our resolution to carry this powerful momentum into the coming year, which, with your continued patronage, we pledge to make even more brilliant than the last!

Wishing a prosperous 2018 to all, 
Team Arktos

Dear loyal supporters,

as we are in the midst of the crucial start-up phase, we need your help to keep Arktos going. Maintaining a sophisticated website like ours is costly and to continue posting new, free content regularly, we need funds urgently. We kindly ask that you consider becoming an Arktos Member or making a one-time donation. By doing so, you will not only support our work but also gain valuable knowledge and information in return.

We aim to reach at least 250 subscribers and $4,000 in donations by the end of June. As of now, we have 138 subscribers and $2495 in donations. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you for being part of the Arktos community.

Subscriber goal (138 / 250)


Donation goal ($2495 / $4000)


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