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View: Arktos Bulk Catalogue — Spring 2018 (PDF)

Arktos has opened the first months of 2018 with the publication of the long-anticipated translation of Joakim Andersen’s Rising from the Ruins, an incomparable tour of the major movements of the true Right and Kerry Bolton’s Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey, the definitive biography of the visionary American thinker Francis Parker Yockey. Joining these titles are Alexander Dugin’s Ethnos and Society, Tito Perdue’s The Bent Pyramid, and Alain de Benoist’s Runes and the Origins of Writing.

We have also issued the first two titles from our Julius Evola crowd-funding campaign, The Bow and the Club and Recognitions, in which the great Traditionalist distills the study and thought of a lifetime. Soon to follow will be The Myth of the Blood and The Mask and Face of Contemporary Spiritualism. Also watch for the imminent publication of A Fair Hearing, a unique defence of the Alt-Right, the most controversial movement in contemporary American politics, in the movement’s own words.

At the beginning of March, we officially launched Arktos’ Interregnum podcast, hosted by Charles Lyons, Martin Locker, and John Bruce Leonard, a biweekly podcast of interviews and metapolitical discussions on literature and current events. Arktos has also published its first audiobook, from Markus Willinger’s Generation Identity. Several more audiobooks are presently in production, including A Fair Hearing and Daniel Friberg’s The Real Right Returns.

For the past eight years, Arktos has focused on augmenting its rich collection of original works and translations. Thanks to the unflagging commitment of Arktos’ staff, writers, and readers, Arktos has in that brief time become the world’s premier publisher of both the French New Right and of the works of Alexander Dugin. Within the next four months, Arktos will publish its tenth original translation of Julius Evola, thus securing its place as the premier Evola publisher as well. We are proud to represent these essential works for an ever-widening public.

In honour of the authors and the books that have brought Arktos so far, we will be dedicating our energy in the coming time to publicizing our existing catalogue, ensuring that our published works reach the audience they deserve. We will be making full use of our staff, which we have expanded significantly during the past six months, to commit ourselves to more speaking engagements than ever before, and to increasing our presence at conferences and book fairs in Europe and America, as for instance at the coming American Renaissance Conference near Nashville, Tennessee on the 27–29 of April.

We invite you to check in regularly to the Arktos homepage for new developments, and we look forward to joining you in your reading, listening, and event attendance in the coming months.


The Arktos Restoration Initiative

We have handpicked a few distinguished titles, previously lost to censorship, befitting any refined bookshelf. These esteemed classics are now offered in limited leather-bound editions, with a mere 100 copies per title. Owning one not only grants you a collector’s item but also supports our mission to restore them in paperback for all.

Your contribution aids the metapolitical battle, ensuring that vital ideas and concepts remain accessible to an ever-expanding audience.

IArcheofuturism (Limited Edition)
Racial Civil War (Limited Edition)

Making Anti-Globalism Global Since 2009.

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