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View: Arktos Bulk Catalogue — Summer 2018 (PDF)

The Summer finds Arktos full in the swing of things. With Julius Evola’s masterful overview of the problem of human race, The Myth of the Blood, we have published the third of four original translations from our Evola campaign. Soon to join it is the fourth and final translation, The Mask and Face of Contemporary Spiritualism, a tour de force analysis of the spiritual follies of our time, by one of the great Traditionalists of all times.

Our tenth publication of 2018 came with Mark Dyal’s Hated and Proud: Ultras Contra Modernity. Beginning with a fascinating exposé of the lives of Italian soccer fans, this vital and vigorous work winds up in a full-fledged critique of modernity itself. Whether or not you are a follower of sport, you might just find your perspective radically changed by this invigorating immersion into the unique worldview of the Italian Ultras.

We also invite you to delve into our most popular book from May: A Fair Hearing, the defence of the Alt-Right in its own words, through original essays by some of the foremost figures in the ever contentious, ever courageous, and ever exciting Alt-Right. Whether you want to challenge the preconceptions of a friend or relative, or simply gain a deeper understanding of America’s most controversial political movement for yourself, A Fair Hearing fits the bill.

Off the press, we have been hard at work forwarding Arktos’ newest initiatives. Audiobooks for Manifesto for a European Renaissance by Alain de Benoist and Charles Champetier, and The Real Right Returns by Daniel Friberg, are soon coming, with others yet to follow. Meanwhile, Interregnum, the official Arktos podcast, has hit its stride, offering biweekly commentary and conversation on some of the most challenging ideas, books, and authors of our times.

Be sure to follow us for new words from the world of Traditionalist, Identitarian, and dissident publishing. And — just between ourselves — keep your eyes open in the coming months for a few exciting developments at Arktos, quite beyond our usual roster of new publications…

Daniel Friberg, Chief Executive Officer
Tor Westman, Chief Marketing Officer
Charles Lyons, Chief Administrative Officer
John Bruce Leonard, Editor-In-Chief
Martin Locker, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

The Arktos Restoration Initiative

We have handpicked a few distinguished titles, previously lost to censorship, befitting any refined bookshelf. These esteemed classics are now offered in limited leather-bound editions, with a mere 100 copies per title. Owning one not only grants you a collector’s item but also supports our mission to restore them in paperback for all.

Your contribution aids the metapolitical battle, ensuring that vital ideas and concepts remain accessible to an ever-expanding audience.

IArcheofuturism (Limited Edition)
Racial Civil War (Limited Edition)

Making Anti-Globalism Global Since 2009.

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