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For a Positive Critique

Author(s): Dominique Venner


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Sample: 3.1. ‘Nationalist Perspectives’

Before becoming disillusioned with political militancy and retiring to a quiet rural life where he wrote the majority of his historical and metapolitical texts, Dominique Venner was heavily involved in the fight for French Algeria, both during and after the war. While serving a prison term for his involvement with the dissident paramilitary group, the Organisation armée secrète (OAS), he sought to write a text that would synthesize the vast domain of right-wing thought into a coherent political doctrine, a right-wing manifesto in the same vein as Vladmir Lenin’s What is to be Done?

For a Positive Critique is the fruit of that labor, and it sowed the seeds for his future metapolitical endeavors with Europe-Action, GRECE, and ILIADE.

Narrated by J. R. Smith.

  • History is just repeating itself again though, and a veteran of the Algiers Putsch named Dominique Venner wrote about this over 50 years ago in an essay called For a Positive Critique. I consider the writing to be a seminal treatise that accomplishes exactly what the title suggests: It’s a check-list of pitfalls for right-wing nationalistic movements to avoid. He even specifically names the type of archetype causing these problems, referring to them as “Notables”.
    Guest Writer, Fash the NationFash the Nation
  • Venner’s abstractions about the goals of the revolution are in contrast to the concreteness of his revolutionary methods. He wrote, first of all, that there must be a clear, coherent doctrine. This motivates activists and wins over waverers. The doctrine must be simple and convincing enough to unite all revolutionaries. Venner writes that activists fail to act in unison because their doctrine is unclear: “Revolutionary unity is impossible without unity of doctrine;” “the development of new doctrine is the only answer to the divisions between activists.”
    Thomas Jackson, American RenaissanceAmerican Renaissance
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  1. The Flaws of the “Nationalist” Opposition
  2. For a New Revolutionary Theory
  3. Nationalist Perspectives
  4. Organization and Action

Dominique Venner






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1 review for For a Positive Critique

  1. RSL

    This is a very interesting book that stresses the importance of a unifying doctrine for any revolutionary movement. A very observant criticism from WITHIN the political right FOR the political right, particularly perhaps for its younger and more naive members. The content here isn’t exactly a how-to guide for protest, militancy and revolution, but it does get one thinking in more practical terms about the problems that the right faces and chronicles the problems that the movement is sure to face once it sets aside arguments over ideology and starts taking serious ACTION.

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