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The Real Right Returns

Author(s): Daniel Friberg


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Sample: 5. ‘Brief Advice on Gender Roles’

The Right is coming back. After decades of humiliation and political failures, the opposition is reorganising, catching up with the times, and getting itself in order. It is none too soon. Europe faces numerous challenges, challenges which the entrenched, incompetent elites of politics, academia, and the mass media are unable and unwilling to confront. Uncontrolled immigration, the mindless waste of resources, and destruction wrought by consumer society upon the very core of Western man — these are problems posing questions which the ‘establishment’ cannot answer.

The New Right can, and does. In this brief handbook, the reader will find a number of highly topical essays by the Swedish activist, Daniel Friberg. They are aimed at anyone who is or would like to take part in the true opposition which both Europe and her children around the world so sorely need. They include both practical tips as well as a brief overview of some of the concepts, issues, and ideas with which the New Right is primarily concerned.

Narrated by Martin Locker.

  • The Real Right Returns is an introduction to metapolitics, and can be recommended to anyone who's new to the ideas of the New Right. Friberg lays out his vision for Europe and how it can be achieved metapolitically in a concise way.
  • Friberg's 114-page book is a brief manual geared towards anyone who's tired of the current political system. [...]  It also lays the foundation for the ideas that the West needs to overcome its current challenges. (Translated from Finnish)
    Markku Siira, KansalainenKansalainen
  • The bottom line is that The Real Right Returns is well worth your time, a metapolitical masterpiece that sums up the problems of modern society and even provides some decent practical advice.
    Matt Forney,
  • One does not even need to get beyond the cover to have one’s thinking processes activated. The adage, "one cannot tell a book by its cover", is not quite correct in this instance. The cover art is a clever juxtaposition of a conservative looking white, middle aged male in a business suit with a fleur-de-lis lapel pin. In the background a city is engulfed in flames. The "conservative" looks ahead, not behind, as the "old" (that is, "modern") world falls.
    Kerry Bolton, Sydney TradsSydney Trads
  • Zum Beleg fokussiert das Damenpaar vom Bevölkerungschen Beobachter den Schweden Daniel Friberg, seines Zeichens Leiter des Arktos-Verlags. Nun kenne ich den ein bißchen besser als das ZDF; Friberg ist mitnichten »in Schweden vorbestraft wegen Körperverletzung und Volksverhetzung«, sondern wurde lediglich aufgrund einer Publikation über Ausländerkriminalität wegen "Rassismus" angezeigt und vor Gericht freigesprochen.
    Nils Wegner, SezessionSezession
  • The Real Right Returns by Daniel Friberg is an outstanding read.
    Graham H. Seibert, San Fransisco Review of BooksSan Fransisco Review of Books
  • The Real Right Returns is the title of our 83rd Installment of the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Daniel Friberg is the author of this fine new book. What is its title? Glad you asked. It’s The Real Right Returns.
    Bernard Chapin, Male Defender PodcastMale Defender Podcast
  • If metapolitics is the prerequisite of politics, today's Rightists cannot limit themselves to disseminating their ideas. They must first embody them. The deeds must follow the words. It is our personal duty to live according to the principles we profess both in our personal life and while dealing with the rest of society. Here again Friberg offers concrete suggestions and that can easily be put into practice.
    Rémi Tremblay, Council of European CanadiansCouncil of European Canadians
  • If you are young or new to the movement to defend white European identity, get a copy of this book; if you are a veteran, keep a few handy for prospective comrades.
    F. Roger Devlin, American RenaissanceAmerican Renaissance
  • The Left appears to be so detached from reality that they’re beyond hope. But Friberg offers a prescription for a healthy and vital Right. I’m no optimist, but there’s a slim chance this may succeed.
    Ann Sterzinger, Counter-CurrentsCounter-Currents
  • Friberg describes the background that put us here, in an unprecedented cultural, demographic, and existential crisis for Europe and her peoples. But he does not collapse into defeatism or pessimism, but states with a duly substantiated optimism that ‘the success of our ideas is not just possible. It is certain’.
    Joakim 'Oskorei' Andersen, New European ConservativeNew European Conservative
  • The Real Right Returns by Daniel Friberg is a must read for any young man who wants to participate in the metapolitical struggle for Mother Evropa.
    Marcus Follin, The Golden OneThe Golden One
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Preface by John Bruce Leonard

Foreword: Daniel Friberg and the Swedish Right

1. The Return of the Real Right

2. Metapolitics from the Right

3. Points of Orientation

4. How to Handle the Decline of the Left

5. Brief Advice on Gender Roles

6. Metapolitical Dictionary

7. Let the Adventure Begin!

Postscript: The Struggle Begins Within You


Daniel Friberg






3 hrs and 29 mins

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