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The True West vs the Zombie Apocalypse

Author(s): John K. Press

How We Survived the Great Dumbing and Came to Thrive as a People and Nation

John K. Press’ The True West vs the Zombie Apocalypse is a mixture of ultra-violent undead slaying action, deep philosophical insight — based on the teachings of Julius Evola, Ernst Jünger, Carl Schmitt, and others — and devout religious inspiration, all from a right-wing, ethnic and traditionalist perspective. Within a reimagined Roman Empire, young gladiators prove their worth and fighting spirit to the jubilant approval of a rejuvenated Western audience, and an army of emboldened crusaders marches forth to crush the menace of moral degeneracy and societal decay emanating from a United States in terminal decline. Hordes of flesh-eating zombies pitted against warriors of valor — who will be victorious in this epic struggle?

Reminiscent of the mad fatalism and deep symbolism expressed in Moby Dick, and inspired by the bleak brutality described in Blood Meridian, this is an archetypal American novel that tells us of a new society awakened with hope and built through pragmatism, as well as a new frontier, both literally and metaphysically, being carved out by tenacious men of grit, daring, and deep faith in both their roots and their progeny.

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The Rise of the Morons

My Personal History


Hired for House Cleaning

Friendship and Work


Gloria Stein Introduced

Vinnie Promotes Me

The Opposition Ramps Up

A Turn for the Better

The Segregation Debate

Sex Spreads

The Sexual Freedom Debate

Morons Become Violent

We React to Violent Idiots

Post-Biting Decision

The Virtue of Violence

Post-Biting Clearing

The Final Debate

My Election

Republics Bloom

Entering Glide

My Home

Larry’s Home

At Church

Fishing with Larry

The Narrows

Saturday Social

Church Two

Narrows Two



On the Plane I Read the Newspaper

It’s Been Nearly Two Years

Meeting Vinnie

Who’s Who

Mr. Richard Duchesne: The Eastern White Territories

Bishop Freddie White: The Integrated Black Middle Class

Pastor Charles S. Lewis: Central Christian Territories

Janet DeMott, Ph.D.: Liberal Northwestern Communities

Judah Spielberg: New Africa

Harvard Meeting

My Long Night


The Declaration of Mutual Dependence

My First Speech

Our School System

Mary Again

My Bildung Speech at the Opening of Our RSA Academies

Eight Main New Laws

Protests Start and I Pray

The Announcement of My Crucifixion

Raid on Janet DeMott-Ville

A New Plan

Our Ranks Split

Gladiator Games

The United States of America

War Preparations

Our Ceremonious Launch

The War

Death and Rest

The Dark Woods

They Are Remotely Controlled


Vinnie Confesses

Our Capital

Gladiator Raids

Meeting With Pastor Lewis

Last Scene With Vinnie







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